New or adjusted game modes for air realistic battles

A major problem facing air RB, even more so since the update came out, is the objectives in air battles. Or lack thereof rather. The maps and teams have gotten bigger, but the objectives and objective areas have stayed the same. This forces players to always congregate in the center of the map, and with no limit on how many players will be bombing bases you see 2, 3, 4 people competing to bomb the same objectives because half the teams are base bombers. Not to mention, it has made matches very repetitive when everyone knows roughly where everyone else will be moving on the map every single game. It has also spawned a problem of more and more teamkillers as the competition for base destruction leaves several players vulnerable or flat out useless if they miss the target opportunity.

It is worth noting that this problem is most prominent in rank 6+ when bombers are basically non-existent and most planes are capable of carrying enough bombs to destroy a single base. While in props, trying to base bomb in a non-bomber typically isn’t worthwhile and matches are limited to 4 bombers per team. And before anyone says it, yes bases respawn but the respawn timer is so long that if you miss the first pass you’re as good as dead trying to hang around with a full bomb load.

We have one game mode that is already suitable for air RB in the form of Enduring Confrontation, and I’m certain adjustments or additions could be implemented for improved gameplay


The main problem in my opinion of bombing is the massive rp reward and the tiny impact to the battle. It’s a easy way for low skilled players grinding the techtree makes it even worse.
A bomb base bleeds 300 tickets, that’s equal to 3 pillboxes or tanks. On top of that basebombing has no effect to the auto ticket bleed.
The problem increases with unrealistic high BRs of the new ground attackers because there is only one BR system for ground and air.
The loadout of this vehicles has no effect in airrb and the flight performance is too bad for it’s BR AND most of the players think it’s a good idea to use all pylons for useless stuff.