New nation - India! (with Pakistan subtree)

A sub-tree isn’t something that slowly grows, it is something that arrives at once as a researchable line.

What we have now is two premiums and an event vehicle: nothing about that screams sub-tree.


Twice now you have been the one to insult me first despite me being civil.


Calm down. He didn’t oppose you.

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Be like mixing WW2 Germany with Russia ,why join two opposing army’s ?


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“Nothing” isnt quite the right word.
India does have their own original vehicles like Arjun and Tejas. Dunno about pakistan.

We dont really hate pakistan. They’re just like that one anoying kid next door.

Yeah but you don’t have border conflicts with the kid next door, where you shoot back and forth at him. You tell his parents (like the UN) to take him away and then you avoid him. I’ve had a lot of Indian friends and the sentiment has always been “We hate Pakistan, and we have had a long history of fighting.”

The whole idea of politics meaning we don’t get new vehicles is not down solely to India and Pakistan. gaijin have made a rod for their own back by doing tech trees based on Nations. I understand why they did but now it causes an issue.

Could we have a tech tree that is an addendum or collection of all the vehicles that is not covered in any other tree? Put all the interesting vehicles in there? I mean Gaijin have broken ranks with history and realism anyway now.

Just give the new tech tree a name and away we go. No petty politics and historical differences and all the South American, Pacific Ring and Middle Eastern countries arrive in the game.

Border fights? We do have those just google and see

So you say tech tree groups based on continents?

Be careful with your words here. You may break some forum rules.

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I would recommend you to avoid discussing politics/conflicts.

Thx for the heads up. I editted the possible rule breaking part


I’m saying a tech tree not based on geography or history but just based on what is left to bring into the game.

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I will support that then
Just suggest how those will be organised

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I have a number of books on armour some from when I was a kid. One had all the world’s tanks by nation in it. America was a big section so was Germany ,UK ,Russia then down through Italy, Sweden as you might expect. The it kind of had subsection at the back where everybody else was grouped, Syria, Iran, India Brazil etc etc .Could the game work like that? Just a tech tree for the everybody else.

If you think about it ,it is only the name that matters, what it consists of is entirely Gaijins choice. I feel sometimes Gaijin have become slaves to its own game rather than the master. You want a tree with Brazilian and Korean tanks in it, then just make one. The game is so flooded with tanks of every sort does it matter?

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We are not in a garden. It is not binding and those vehicles will probably be removed from the British TT in the future.

UK already has a subtree, Indian vehicles are just bait there.


India and Pakistan together? Thats one of the dumbest things Ive read on this forum, you might aswell make an all Balkans tech tree.