New nation - India! (with Pakistan subtree)

What would be fun is if the brits (indians) get it and the french don’t, just like when the chinese got the M8 while the americans didn’t. People were pissed.

USA did have the M8 as an event vehicle quite a while before China got added

XD the french people will eat the snail if that happens(Gaijin should do it for fun)

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That was premium

Right, I wrote it wrong and corrected it just now
Thanks for noticing

Not in normal tree. Imagine now Britain (indian subtree) gets Rafale in normal tree and France gets only premium/event Rafale. Like China/America get the M8.
Should be the other way around…

That’s never gonna happen but it would be really funny if that actually happens.

Funny and sad at the same time.
France air is in a sad state as it is. And yeah I don’t see it happening either.

At the same time look at rank 4 France. Spot the french plane.
At least it’s not a premium in the american tree or something… still… should been in the normal tree, taking the place of one of the foreign ones.

OT, I don’t think they thought that through since they added that plane first (the single real french plane at rank 4) and after some time the y added the rest of the french tech tree.

Pakistan and bangledash are already chinese premiums. India is already british premiums. No need at all

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That does not mean that they are stuck in those host nations.

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Cant find them. Where did they?

We dont have them currently. You will need to wait at least till the end of this year to get rafale and JF17 might come at the same time or later.

Why not just put them in russia, china or
even uk.

USSR doesn’t need a sub-tree nor has the space for it.
UK is the same deal with the added detriment of a highly negative colonial history.
China is like asking for Iran to be added to USA, terrible idea.


He probably meant indian Su30 to USSR and Pakistani JF17 to China and Tejas to UK.

Adding Pakistan to India will be like Ukrainian to Russian atm…



And please stop adding crap vehicles from 60/70s and becouse they so bad their BR going to 4.0-5.0.

Agreed, but India itself could very well be served without Pakistan


I have already said how india can be added without having to directly start at high br: