New nation - India! (with Pakistan subtree)

Also, if this becomes a new standard for the Ajeya platform, as well as the new Zorawar Light Tank, things are going to get spicy. Right now:

  • Arjun Mk.1A
  • Arjun Mk.1
  • T-90S Bhishma (not including ongoing modernization)
  • Atharva
  • T-72 Ajeya Mk. II
  • Zorawar LT
  • BMP-2 ‘Sarath’ (not including ongoing modernization)
  • TATA Kestral IFV

India has a lot of new equipment rapidly being produced, what makes them difficult for a tree is the earlier tanks. Still cool nonetheless. Not even including there planes and helicopters like the Prachand, Rudra, and Tejas.


I mean we all were assuming they’d get an Isreal-style tree in the first place.
As much as I’m not a fan of said tree type I’ll still take them and their nations.


I think with there new developments, an Israel-style tree is an option but I’d have to take a look at a template again because the last one I trialed was unsuccessful for Ground, Air, and Naval (at least imo).

There’s still a chance for it down the line since all we have is the T-90S and the Vijayanta as a squadron and premium which can be easily swapped vice a full line or mixed in Indian vehicles.

What are these Avartha and Zorawar?

The Atharva is the T-90S/T-72 hybrid I posted earlier and the Zorawar is India’s new light tank that’s supposed operate in high altitude environments like the ZTQ-15.

Aye, that’s sick
From a glance it seems that Zorawar is not yet ready though, so we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

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Yeah it’s going to take some time, there’s a prototype about done I believe (which could constitute implementation seeing how we got the Challenger 3 prototype). Think of it like the more recent version of the South Korean K21-105 but it should have a higher power/weight ratio.

haha no. pakistan is already a sub nation on china and their vehicles should be added there, maybe india could go to britain? tho most of india vehicles are copy paste

Pakistan isn’t a sub-tree for China, they simply have one aircraft in the Chinese tree.


Ajeya Mk.2

did you forgot the MBT-2000 and the VT-4A1? both are pakistani and in the tech tree

MBT-2000 isn’t Pakistani. It’s sold by NORINCO. Pakistan makes their own variant Al khalid.

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The variant we have in game isn’t same as the Pakistani one. Also they are manufacturing their own variant of VT-4 called Haider MBT.

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Sir.I admire ur courage.
As a player,it’s okay to see a new line
But consider the political issue?
It will be A BOMB

I do see what you are saying but you are refering to a historical reality that Gaijin dies not adhere too when it suits you . The piont being made was copy paste is bad for gameplay. I agree the firefky is Brtish tank with a Brutish gun so not copy past however Gaijin did copy paste it to Italy with some tenuous link so it did get spammed. I dont mind the Polish premium ,at least the markings are different

How can i fly HAL Tejas, JF-17, Rafale?

By playing UK, China, French TT. Indian Rafale might be added to the UK tree if India stays in the UK tree.

That happens their will be a mob of French people at gajin hq

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Haha. They will bring their baguettes(just a joke)

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There is some chance of French TT getting Tejas in the future since it is said to be inspired from Mirage.

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