New maps for air sim


As per title. New maps get added regularly to air rb. Most of them would be amazing to try in sim as well. Why arent new map added as selectable for sim too? They look gorgeus, yet they are not available


We need maps with peaks and valleys to have some kind of gameplay options at top tier, other than ground hugging.


Yeah about sim @Smin1080p I didn’t see anything about it in the logs.
Can we expect any improvements to sim, or is it business like usual?


Im following this. I’d love to see hte new maps in sim…they’re so beautiful it’s a shame they’re not available.

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I’ve heard that the Pyranees map is in the works for SIM, but we still don’t have it yet. Guess gaijin just doesn’t do that much work on sim.

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Well, any new Sim EC map is welcome, but we especially need more large maps for top tier.


I think Pyrenees is large. I ve only played it a couple times but it should be the same size as denmark. And yes, we need maps like those with valleys and such, because they make gameplay more interesting and also they are simply more beautiful to see instead of a flat plane with a simple sand texture on it.
Also the second city map (the one with islands) would be interesting, and the chinese mountains also. I d LOVE to see them all in sim

Wanna know my secret and impossible dream?

A WT/MSFS crossover!

Imagine, WT aircraft and gameplay in MSFS2020 scenery…


Actually Top Tier is a crazy right now. Idk why Gajin going in way where missile missing to low level flying planes. But game will be mutch better and more tactical when missile actually can hit targets in working envelope zones… Like at beginning when you need go cold or notch. Now it’s just no tactical low flying…

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My dudes we can make our own maps to be added to the game! I just started learning making them, the CDK is pretty decent but there is about 0 documentation on how to use it… its pretty intuitive though. And the best part is that you get paid if your map gets added to the game!

Go download it you nerds!


yeah. that’s nonsense…They should fix radar missiles, no way people cna ignore fox1 and fly straight to you just because they stay low.


I didnt know about that. However, maps arent missing, they simply arent added to sim.

That feature is fine since you just can’t defeat missiles in any other way with how well some radars hold lock. we need a reliable way to defeat missiles or else the game becomes unfun.
You shouldn’t just be garenteed a kill cos you pressed the radar lock button and fired a missile.
There needs to be counterplay.

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Counterplay is called missile crank (==>kinetically defeat the missile) radar notch (==>make their radars unable to track) and use of terrain like hills and mountains. Also, it doesnt matter if there is an obvious counterplay or not to something, if it is realistic, then it should be in game. In thise case, missiles should NOT be defeated simply by flying low, because that’s not realistic.


Wow ok, didn´t know that. Gonna try it tonight and start working on a Chernarus map. Making maps for games was always my jam in high school times.

We could even get this location legally under a different name, because Chernarus is based off of real location in Czech republic (I am literally living 20km away from ingame Berezino :D).

From the perspective of game operations, there may be two reasons:

  1. There are too few players in SIM mode, and too many maps scatter players, resulting in insufficient numbers in each game room and affecting the gaming experience.

  2. The number of servers allocated by Gaigin to SIM mode is not large, and each map consumes server resources, so the number of maps needs to be limited.

We’d need in-flight refueling for this.

We have been seeing an increasing number of new players in the last year, so hopefully Gaijin will give more resources to sim. And new maps…I dream them.

If what i read is true through update logs Kuwait got added as a title which bold wells

I haven’t seen any