New Idea: Downtier Token

The numbers can obviously be tweaked, and this could be given to only premium accounts as well if gaijin thinks it is better that way.

The idea is this: When you play 5 matches that are full uptiers , you get a Token called the “Downtier Token”

Before searching for a new match, you click the new “Use my Downtier Token” button, and it will probably take longer to find a match, but that 1 match will be a guaranteed downtier, no matter how long it takes to find that match.

This will allow gaijin to sell more premium accounts, and we can use stuff like boosters in that match. Everyone benefits.


yeah, 5 uptiers in I-15 and a downtier in mig 21 : )

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That’s exactly what would be done.

they could obviously very easily exclude reserve vehicles, and matches with 0 kills to prevent abusing it, it is VERY SIMPLE.

Mhm - i am quite sure that your 13k matches gave you enough indicators that uptiers and constant uptier loops are no accident.

So proposing a possibility to circumvent imho fully intended “features” in the MM looks comprehensible, but highly unlikely to be considered by gaijin…

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ive gotten so tired of the broken matchmaking at 11.0 that gets sucked into 12.0 %95 of the time that i simply dodge matches now, i just quit if it is a 12.0 match. If you are playing 11.3 just forget about downtiers, same for 9.7 planes without flares. It is just unbearable.

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yup evidently

Nope. you can be uptiered and do nothing … Maybe if the player stay less of 5 min in the battle the uptiered dont count.

Ho, and a little feature: add an indicator with the highter BR in the battle.

Can’t do that. Then you’d see how often Gaijin breaks its own rules in order to meet is Holy minimum wait time.

A giant issue is some nations don’t have any vehicle at certain BRs to allow a down tier. Say like 4.7 in GRB. Germany, Sweden, France, and Israel lack any vehicles at that BR in the tech tree. That leaves entire nations ineligible for certain battles to give a player a guaranteed down tier. So using a token at 5.7, which sees a lot of up tiers, would leave very limited ability to form teams,.

That is NOT AN ISSUE. i have had many times where my nation does not have that br yet it happens. you may not be familiar with BR mechanics, also the game usually is not 1 faction vs all. Just give me an example vehicle and i will tell you how it will happen. German 5.7? You are put in a team full of churchills or T-34-57s IS-1s etc that are 4.7-5.3. The matchmaker already does this, it is nothing new. IT ALREADY HAPPENS. So i do not understand if your issue is because you do not know how the game works or something else.

I know how it works, but look at 5.0 to 6.0 ARB. When you start limiting the matchmaker trying to force only certain vehicles you will wind up with tiny one sided games. That issue is stemming from just from 1 aircraft filling the pool of available planes. When you start having numerous players trying to use a token to get a down tier the same is going to start populating all over.

Imho the Ju 288 deadzone is one of the very few exceptions of overall MM rules and logic - so this example is from my pov not suited to be representative for the game as a whole.

If you would like to see why, read this:

Nation matching post historical matchmaking removal - #4 by Uncle_J_Wick

This would be an interesting idea if it was applied to individual vehicles/line-ups that way it would be harder to abuse.

yet I pretty much only go against 9.7 planes in my 8.7 shitboxes
I’m sure this is a coincidence hahaha