Nation matching post historical matchmaking removal

As far as I’m concerned, playing 5.0 italy upwards put me with 6.0 German teams a lot, is this a remnant of historical matchmaking? because if yes then Italy should’ve been teamed with the allied more, they shatter their own ass in 43, they stopped fighting for German and fight each other instead, if anything just bring 5.0 Raiden, Reppu, Zero and Hayate to german 6.0, stop matching Italy with German, It’s been all too common for me to notice that Japan after 4.7 gets a lot of 20 v 20 matchmaking where they got mixed team while italy and germans get sucked into 288 shitbox.

Can we get Italy to be matched with Corsairs and Mustang instead of 288? all these planes are used by the royalist air force too, from C.202 all the way to Re.2005 all sees service with them, why can’t we just cut italy some slacks and put Japan, a nation where they actually play their fighter in place of the lost german main that fall to 288 sinkhole.

As stated in my reply to an almost identical post of you in almost identical topic:

To be fair - adding rank IV Italy to Germany is realistic. The good stuff like your mentioned G 56 (with German markings) as part of the ANR fighting US/GB is correct (besides there were just 2 prototypes); the ACI fighting with older stuff for the allies had no access to the rank IV planes developed/produced in the occupied north of Italy.

As i never saw a G 55S at rank III and BR 5.0 joining me in fuill uptiers with Germany against US/GB fighters it looks safe to say that gaijin has limited this feature to the few rank IV Italian planes at BR 5.0+.

Why they excluded Japan from their axis vs allied approach for these small 6v6 - 8vs8 matches with 4 Ju288s vs US/GB might be rooted in the much higher average pilot skill.

If highly experienced German pilots simply refuse to fight in endless full uptier loops 6.0+ they won’t kill the endless stream of US/GB rookies trying to push stats by farming Ju 288s and a few German/Italian fighters. So 2-3 experienced Ki-84 pilots at 5.3 would have no problem to clean those lobbies, this is obviously not intended by gaijin.

Why said it like a bad thing though? we’re not using repair cost to balance a vehicle again right?

Although i agree with most of your views - except allocating Italy to the allies as stated above - this whole mess around the 5.0 to 7.0 BR with “small teams fighting with or against Ju 288s” in semi historical matches axis (except Japan) fighting allies US/GB is fully intended by gaijin.

As stated in another tread: USA is a highly popular nation and imho their biggest market regarding income. Due to various measures it is quite easy to get up to rank IV - even without any skill (besides going for every headon possible).

So if gaijin wants them to progress and to bring them to the highly profitable jet area (Premium) it is logical that they try to remove obstacles. Despite ridiculously low BRs (like P-39N, P-63A, P-51C, P-47 D-23, F4U-4, F2G, P-51H) those planes need some experience to make them work - and to be fair German planes are also easier to fly and simply outclimb most of them.

So some time ago the (on average) much lower experience level of US pilots lead to very painful experiences of US pilots as their superior performance on paper could not be transferred to battle/match results, the superior climb of 109s made it almost impossible to use superior high alt performance. If you reached 6-7 km alt, your team was usually dead.

How do you want to encourage US pilots to continue and to buy top tier premiums if they got clapped most of the time in props?

One step to break German dominance was to get rid of semi historical MM - as soon as US pilots got support by Japanese fighters with far more experience the US win rates increased significantly.

Seeing the desperate need of German tankers to earn SL with using the SL printer Ju 288 it was logical to create the semi historical exception with small teams with 4 Ju 288s and 2-3 German fighters (mostly in full uptiers) versus 5-7 US/GB fighter teams…

The US boys can use numerical superiority to go vs usually technical seen far worse performing enemy fighters, farm Ju 288s and have the illusion that prop fights are easy going and continue their journey to jets. And German tankers can print SLs with useless base bombing of respawning bases - gaijin guarantees each of them a base kill with the current set-up.

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So the one fucked here is German and Italian fighter mains that hangs around 5.0 - 6.7? all because they feel like the kind that should feed US dinguses with disadvantaged team and aircraft choice are the Germans? not to mention jacking up the Doras repair cost to 6.0 repair cost? all because German tanker and US pilot has massive skill issue on the scale of 12 month old baby that has a lot of defect from being born of Wine + Cigarette moms?

God damnit, do they still have WW2 Hate boner or what?

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I missed the mind reading classes some decades ago - but if you played long enough this game and tried to connect dots my theory makes sense.

Regarding anti-German bias - there was some interesting feedback by a dev a few weeks ago that might be suited to support your own conclusion…

A small indicator, describing Germans as a whole like this:

They are all members of an aggressive military block, waged an offensive war and lost it, leaving a purely negative mark on history.

Interesting statement from the forum managers, but, let’s see.

Italian was unwilling and split itself apart, spending the last 2 year of the war fighting itself, NSDAP rose from the fact that the public need something to defy the Etente domination over Germany because they lost a war which amplified to global scale by Russian that uses it army, interfering the Austrian and their attempt to conduct an investigation into Franz Ferdinand death, if anything Japan is the only party where they consciously choose to be aggresive.

Italy and Germany was a breeding ground for exrtemist ideas in the first place precisely because of Russia making an ocean out of a puddle by threatening to attack Austria and Germany for being mad that their royalty dies in foreign land, which if you’re a fair and just men, would not interfere with their attempt at finding out the perpetrator, Japan is te only party that they should point out as “Aggresive military power that waged an offensive war who left negative mark on history” because they voted the military government in the late Taisho, electing people like Tojo and other ultramilitary people that was born a noble warrior class, remains of Saigo Takamori movement in Satsuma.

Aggresive military power that waged an offensive war who left only negative mark in history? Try Russia, without them we wouldn’t have to deal with Waterloo, 1st Crimean war, WW1, War on Terror, and the current event in the black sea.


Thx for updating your post!

Regarding the rest of your post - i have some similar views of things but i do not see any responsibilities of the Russian Federation to the so called “War on Terror” this imho an invention of the military industrial complex of the US in order to earn money. And the root cause for events near the Black Sea is at least 2 decades old…

As you showed a broad knowledge I'd like to draw your attention on on some facts you might find interesting:

A remark on WW1 - from a holistic pov this was more or less an inevitable war regarding economic leadership in Europe. If you had the chance to study some financial data of the economic situations of the major players you might agree.
I mean the brand “Made in Germany” was invented by GB in order to declare them as low quality product in order to stop customers from buying them - unfortunately it just supported the sale of those products - in Europe and Worldwide.
Without a war the mighty Royal Navy was not able to stop exports and the German Reich threatened the economic leadership of GB. A smart German Emperor would have done nothing and would have won the peace.
The financial pressure on gold based economies in GB and France might explain the harsh conditions (reparations) after the armistice - the war was extremely expensive and the Germans occupied 4 years the area where majority of the French industry was located…

If you studied more events upfront WW2 you might realize that there are some wholes in mainstream literature - especially regarding the status of Poland as a Nation and the view on them until 1937 (a small hint - not really good) and the real reason for invading France by Germany.
I mean despite the Nazis were lunatics and criminals - France and GB declared war on Germany and did almost nothing despite a small tank attack into Germany by France very early.
Germany was hopelessly outnumbered by France and GB - and they had no domestic oil, so why attacking and fighting a hopeless war??
Based on economic research in the last 20-25 years the Nazis invested a hell of money they didn’t had - they were financially seen bankrupt and they needed the gold of the French National Bank to stabilize the Reichsmark. I read in some essays the expression “armed bank robbery” necessary to avoid the financial collapse.

oh yeah, I was commenting on that particular statement made in the old forum you linked, and edited too.

And the logic about War On Terror goes like this: If Soviet Union didn’t attack Afghanistan, there won’t be any need to fund ISI to train Mujahedeen, and there would be no extremist ideology to spread in the first place as ISI has nobody to train nor have any sufficient cause like the Mujaheeden after their fight against Soviet Union, arguably a “Colonializing Western Force” to speak about. US Military Industrial Complex, at the end of the day is just profiting off something that already exist, and US Sphere of Influence is practically nada between Korean and Arabian peninsula, Russian gives them exactly a reason to impose their influence there by attacking Afghanistan in the 80s.

Black Sea event, even when we says 2 decade ago, is ultimately Russian by nature, misinformation and propaganda goes hand-in-hand, and they displayed a perfect mastery on that matter through troll farm and cope bot.

And while WW1 might be inevitable, it doesn’t have to ruin 4 or so empire while also economically destroying what can be perceived as the whole of western civilization in a single fell swoop, it really become an empirical scale slugfest that kills everything inside of it precisely because of it’s nature as a war that drag alliances left and right, if the matter were left unto Austria and Serbia to deal with among them instead of having an inept emperor that let a literal unshowered priest controlling himself and his wife acting like they’re some holy guardian of a certain people (Which has done wrong mind you, it’s a regicide, and they killed the specific royalty that sided with them), then so be it, the war might come in the 20s, but it won’t spills out to Ottoman, Middle East, or anywhere outside Europe Proper, it’s going to be another localised conflict that, while may drain european resource dry, start a whole new WW2 with different perpetrator, and even prolonging the colonialism by about 5 - 10 years, it still be a conflict that only affect Europe in the grand scheme of things.

My point stand, Russia is exaggerating things out of proportion by threatening to attack Austria for trying to make Serbia accept an attempt of investigation of a regicide case by a known terrorist group, and even if the July ultimatum was a pretext for an attack to Serbian soil, it isn’t entirely unjustified, regicide and ultimately assassination is not something that you would stand on.

The matters is between Austria and Serbia, Russia doesn’t have to get into this, Sergey Sazanov statement of “If Austria swallow Serbia, we go to war” doesn’t help the Russian image in the grand scheme of things, in the end the Austrian just want a war, not a total annexation of Serbia, Russia blows things out of proportion by placing itself as “The protector of slavic people” and caused the death of the same slavic people by throwing them into the meat grinding trenches of WW1, all the while they commited some of the worst atrocities against slavs outside of the Nazi itself by the sheer existence of Soviet Union.

It’s Russian blowing things out of proportion, again and again and again and again and again.

And let us not forget that Soviet Union willingly walk with the Nazi to crush Poland, their hand are as bloody as the Nazi.