New darker grey Panzer camo? it would look very cool

Always dreamed of a darker and more original Panzer “grey” it would be very cool for historical camos.



Germany should have gotten it’s historically accurate colors 10 years ago instead of this weird grey.


i dont understand? this weird “grey” is the one i posted or the one in game

They have some fake grey in game instead of the one you posted.

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Its supposed to be the weathered, war-weary finish from the Eastern front. Its accurate.
You really wouldn’t want that parade fresh dark panzer grey on most maps.

Weathered grey becomes light grey? I’d rather have a dark grey than a light grey.



WW2 tanks actually had a gloss finish in many cases.Paint as we know was incredibly varied and non standard especially as the war progressed.

I do agree the german grey in low tier could be better and we need the White cross decal option as well.
They used to give that with the German Churchill but stopped for some reason.