Bring back the premium faction decals (e.g. DAK Decal)

Honestly would make a huge difference to nations like Britain, who don’t have many markings or insignia to put on their tanks



And bring back the authentic decals event, Gaijin…


+1 The open Balkenkrauz and DAK emblem are historical emblems that look better than the default recognition markings, but are now locked forever.

also the weight markings from the premium A13 and Canadian M3, as well as the unique 1st armoured company logo from the Premium M2A4

there are so many unique decals that are now lost to time and memory, please re-add them Gaijin, and preferably for seperate purchase as well as alongside their respective vehicles.

If the BM-31-12 can have the decal be part of the base texture, so can all the other premiums with them. (even though the decal was earned separately)


+1. I bought the T-III to get the hammer and sickle decal, just when devs announced said decals wouldn’t be achievable anymore. Still got the white balkenkreuz with the german Churchill in the past though!



I really was very disappointed when it was decided that those markings would be no longer separate decals and be placed on the model’s skin instead, for two reasons:

a) You couldn’t use them on the other vehicles anymore (which I did a lot…)

b) You can’t have those premiums without the markings - which often however impede with the way we’d want to decorate our vehicles.

I mean it is ok for me if there is one skin with the authentic markings, but I don’t see why then all camo variants would have those markings as well.

Best imo would be the authentic camo with vehicle specific markings a default, then the other camo options without markings, and the markings still delivered as well in the form of decals, to be used for other vehicles…


+1 Absolutely agree! I was so disappointed that I can no longer get these decals.


I created a topic just like this on the old forum a long time ago, so I completely support this idea.
To me that change doesn’t make any sense, since restricting such decals to their respective vehicles severely limits customization options. Getting a nice decal when buying a premium vehicle may also bring more sales from people that like authenticity.

Gaijin already restricted many nation decals because of the Sim mode, but the issue is non-existent in this case since you can restrict decals such as Balkenkreuz and Hammer and Sickle to their respective nations.

Here are some image examples I used in my own post that showcase the possibilities for customization this would bring:





I agree with VargavinteR. these decals are important to anyone who wants to make authentic camos because some of the decals that came with these vehicles were the only way to make historically authentic decal schemes for many vehicles.

the open balkenkreuz for example is needed to make many authentic camos for german vehicles going from 1.0 to 7.7.
the weight markings from the A13 premiums are used as stand-ins for vehicles going all the way to top tier
the DAK emblem is needed to make any camo that is meant to be from that corps and so on.

the fact that so many decals are now unobtainable is really stupid, especially considering that they did it themselves for seemingly no reason.

It’ll make you money Gaijin, give us back the option to get these decals that are obviously still in the system, and sales will certainly go up.


+1 Piss easy to implement something that simply removes that decal in sim battles. I bought the USSR Panzer 3 to get hammer and sickle not realising they stopped doing these things. Their entire gimmick was to either have another copy of a tank you liked in a lineup or decals.


Early war white Balkenkreuz should be available to all.


Bring it back and correct it so it is historically accurate, unlike the silly crossed-out tree/anti-tree joke decal that is presently in the game:

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This won’t happen because of legal limitatons: Those ARE in part forbidden symbols in some countries.


Soviet red star, hammer and sickle are present, double standards.

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Even the Finnish swastika is censored/replaced, even though it is completely unrelated to WW2 Germany. They’re playing it safe I guess.


And in other countries, so are the evil bolshevik’s symbols, but yet they are present in this game:


Yes, one would think that a “Hungarian” company would not look kindly on Red insignia…

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Need this asap

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+1 Id like this back aswell. as then when people get a Premium tank, they get a decal to go with it again. and then people cant say that they dont have a decal when they have paid money for said decal that is on the tank


Even if they don’t plan to bundle them with vehicles anymore these should at least be made obtainable again. Preferably unlockable like most vehicle recognition symbols, but if nothing else let us get them for the 200GE of other decals. As has been said many of these are actual recognition markers and I’d much rather get them back that the millionth snowboarder or cyclist. I can see wanting to limit fictional decals from events as like some badge to show off having been part of it, but there is no good reason to limit the availability of these!!


Could they not do that one suggestion with the less-legal-limiting version? OP in the old forum said (and had pictures of) Bf 109s with this version of the symbol that were registered in Germany, which has very very strict laws regarding this.
I believe this same version was also used in IL-2 as well, so it has some precedence.