New content to often, to many bugs/historical issues in need of fixes

I think War Thunders update-timeline has been/is to fast.

At the current rate of updates and introduction of new vehicles/new mechanics the unintentional introduction of bugs and historical inaccuracies is faster than the dev-teams that handle them can handle.
The amount of new issues added is faster than the amount of old issues being fixed. I completely understand the need to fix game breaking bugs as a priority, but that means that smaller bugs (that are more annoying than they impact the game) gets put on hold and doesn’t get fixed before new big bugs come up that take priority again.

A perfect example of this is this one that has not been fixed for over 2 and a half YEARS at this point (it got acknowledged January 2022, but has been an issue reported on the old forum for more than 7 years at this point).
Or the Litening II bug (where the IR resolution is that of the Litening I on some jets) that has been there for 6 months now.
Or the Leopard 2A7V armor issues.
Or that screenshots while in HDR mode come out really weird

There is a long list of issues that have been present for way to long and i think War Thunder would benefit from a slower release of new content in favour of having time to fix bugs faster than new ones are introduced. At least for a while until the devs have worked through the backlogg of bug and historical issues.


Progression rate is too fast, players get to top tier without learning the game and without real punishment for bad performance.

Game expansion IS too quick, but we can blame the player base for that one, not the devs.

Historical accuracy is being lost in some vehicles and environments, but then again, we can blame the player base for that one as the need is now there to make the game more “fair”.

Game changes are being brought in with in-complete data. When a change or balance is brought forward both player playstyle and player experience should be taken into account instead of just KDA, almost like the team placement stat does not exist (sarc).

Understanding of technologies are absent on both player and developer side. Using Pulse Doppler radar as an example and how easy terrain and cloud scatter PD Radar. Can also use ground effect in flight and how that is applied in game. I will not go into vehicle design and application or how some damage physics is applied (it’s bad).

Map design is always weighted and each map has got a “meta”. If you start treating the game as a FPS game and play it on seconds to positioning combined with a Time To Kill stat (CSGO / R6Siege mindset) you will find that you can always “rat out” a play.

And then there is the bugs :

Ghost Shells
Fired shells disappearing mid flight when dying / taking breach damage
RADAR locking ghost artifacts underneath terrain or random point in the sky.
Incorrect flight instructor input on the rudder in mouse aim mode.
IR tracking on helicopters
Destroyed modules stopping damage
Destroyed ERA blocks stopping damage
Tandem Charge missiles on some vehicles not working as intended
Overpressure and Penetration on some 20mm to 40mm munitions mechanics (Gepard, ZA-35, ZSU, etc)
Incorrect munitions and functions on some vehicles
Incorrect reload rates on auto-loaders, especially during ammo switching

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Only if they Buy a premium, i think progression in general is to slow at the later tiers. as a complete newbie it took me about a year to unlock all of Sweden ground and air while having a premium account. Now it takes about 3-4 months for me for one ground tree (currently soon about to start playing 11.7 US).

Both, we can blame player base for wanting more without knowing consequences BUT we can also blame the devs for not telling the players the consequences and going through with what the players want without explaining why things are they way they are (This has admittingly gotten WAY better the last 6 months to 1 year).

this is a balancing act. you cant make a completely historical game that is still fun to play. there has to be SOME compromises. there have been several periods of time where giving the vehicles their proper loadouts as well as making historical matchmaking would completely ruin the game as one side would have a MASSIVE upper hand. and then the game wouldn’t even be fun to play.

The devs could however be more open about these decisions and tell the players WHERE and WHY the vehicles are not accurate to real life. they would save themselves from a lot of complaining and having to deny soooo many bug reports.

i think you have misunderstood how balancing is calculated. they aren’t using KDA and IIRC player placement is a factor.

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Progression is too goddamn slow, not too fast- do you think only getting 3k rp on a good match is okay for AAB?

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Very well said breakdown.

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