New BR splitting of Air RB side is ridiculous to tornados

Separate BR for different gamemodes : Aviation

MiG-27K gets buff from 11.3 to 11.0 because it is the same plane as her sister MiG-27M at air RB(same 4x R-60M with the same engine but better CAS capable ability, it seems they work as a dead-copy version of MiG-23M)

But there are no buffs to 11.3BR Non-prem Tornado IDS variants since they also are the same plane as 11.0BR prem Tornado IDS(MFG, WTD 61) in air-RB which can carry 10 1000lb bombs with two AIM-9L…

The only difference between MFG/WTD and GR.1/ASSTA is ‘capability of using guided bomb’

Please gaijin, give non Ameri-soviet some love. :|


It’s likely just an oversight.

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This is just the very first changes. Effectively a test.

I am expecting a lot more br changes during the next general br changelog

A whole new set of BRs they can mess up and balance poorly, exciting.

Yeah, was hoping for that change as well. But there is a dozen airframes that never moved down in air like I hoped and expected. its more like they just wanted to nerf CAS into the ground in GRB and ignore ARB altogether.

Sadly, It seems they don’t like tornado IDS. :|

Still, there are no buffs to tornados while MiG-27K keeps their BR buff :'(
With their ridiculous ‘effectiveness’ theory…