New BR changes

So with new BR changes WW2 tanks have some room to breathe and that is fine, but moving those WW2 bullies up now they are in bad spot, T-54s against XM-803? M60 (AOS) against T-72?
Like why dont just put everything higher br after WW2 tanks so compression actually disapers insted of moving up in br, why cant we have like 20.0 BR and place every sinlge tank like it should be insted fighting tanks that are 20+ years ahead in technology.
Same with planes tbh.


Gajin should have limited the MM to a 0.7 system.

By doing so Not a single 0.3 BR change would have needed to happen.
The 0.7 changes would be 0.3 changes
And almost every lineup would still be unchanged
Oh and ofcourse the exact same benefits for 6.7 and 7.0 would be present just without the massive issues at 8.0 and 9.0


Gaijin refuses to increase the BR ceiling due to “increased queue times”. Its not a legit reason buy they just need an excuse ig.


Bruh I can’t even cancel my queue before I get into a game, I don’t get why they have such a big issue with it

Yep, only SB and Naval have que times

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They were wrong, they had to start from the bottom, BR 1.0 became BR 0.7 and so on until they covered all the tanks of WWII, so they ruined a lot of line-ups, it is now especially the BR 8.7 which become 9.0 go to meet the 10.0 that until now I had never met.

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Yea it doesn’t make any sense. I feel like they want us to suffer to buy premium so the game “plays better” but who’s to say.

Almost like we need a BR decompression and not a BR change, huh.

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Thanks gaijin für this BR changes,
i can now rebuild my 7.3 7.7 8.3 decks and spend 3-4 million of Silvereagles that I can work with my decks again.
Old 7.3 Tanks can now fight against 8.7 in 80% of all matches with APDS-FS ammo and all what we have is Heat and APDS, specifically for British and German Tanks . . . that makes FUN !!

btw. nno more money from me for what you produce here


T-72A is mid, 105mm HEAT pens its turret.

Still can resist hull shots tho.
There aren’t enough vehicles in WT, or possibly on the planet, for 20 BRs.
T-72A & M60 AOS are within 3 years of each other.

BR decompression requires analysis, which they aren’t finished doing.

Which is why I’m glad we got BR decompression this month and hope their analysis finishes.

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Old 7.3s don’t face 8.7s cause the 8.7s moved to 9.0.

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Still lol pen vs aiming for weakspot

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Well you shouldn’t be able to lolpen tanks an entire BR above you unless you’re a tank destroyer.

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Where’s the Leopard gonna go then? Also no mate there isn’t any research on it, they’re just being lazy. If they increased the BR’s to 13.0 it’d solve a lot of problems and revive a lot of dead BR’s. Same with planes.
Also PS no just because it’s an entire BR above you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to pen it. Tanks BR should be based off of their performance and ability to engage other tanks, bouncing shells isn’t what tanks always do and at different era’s in design philosophy that entire notion was abandoned, ie the Leopard and HSTVL. And while some of these vehicles did not entire service that does not mean vehicles need to be rated on armor alone.

It takes time to analyze & decide all the vehicles in WT.
They haven’t finished that phase yet.

So don’t implement half measures?


No surprises.

I just hope that at some point someone at Gaijin looks at the J29D, it gets no flares, no aam and has to face BR 9.7 with an uptier.

People wanted WW2 decompression now instead of waiting for when the entire analysis was completed.