New BR change eligible for refund?

I wonder if its possible to apply for a refund after BR changes to Premium vehicles and talismans?

I bought the Vidar SPG only because of its BR of 7.7 coupled with the perks it provided, otherwise I wouldn’t spend my hard earned money on it. I find it unplayable on 8.0.

Same goes for the Turan III, I bought a talisman with Golden Eagles only because of its BR of 3.7 .

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If you manage to return it, write about it, because I’m curious if it’s possible

You do not receive a refund for a balance change. You are only paying for the vehicle, not for the BR. It is subject to change at all times.


please read this

Chapter 1.5

the made changes were all legal according this document, so no refund

and this is NO defense for GJ actions from my side, just ppointing out the treaty we all signed by buying something from them

My god lmao. Somehow the VIDAR went from being insanely overpowered at 7.7 to still insanely overpowered at 8.0 and people still find a way to cope lol


It’s not possible, for good reason.

While nothing will come of this legally, EULA’s are not going to hold up in court if they actually did break a law.

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Just because you find it unplayable doesn’t mean it still isn’t really good at 8.0.

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VIDAR actually got even easier to play. Less armor= better for the HE slingers.

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Based on how this got handeled in other games, they only need to refund you, if they either remove a feature or do negatively change the statistics of the tank. This doesnt take place, if they increase the BR of the vehicle.

No, balance changes are standard and should be expected for any vehicle at any time regardless of if you spent money on it or not.

Gaijin should not have to apologize for balance changes as they are designed to improve gameplay for everyone. VIDAR was massively overpowered at 7.7 and deserved the nerf, frankly it should be 8.3.

Otherwise gaijin will end up with the mess that World of Tanks ended up with where they were afraid to nerf any premiums because people wanted refund and so the game became a mess of dumb overpowered Flavour of the month premiums because everyone had a tantrum when they nerfed one to try and you know… Make the game better.


That’s as realistic as asking for a refund every time you get up tiered. Now it’s just a constant 0.3 up tier but everyone else went up, so fair play.

Hmm, those are really interesting answers.

No. When you play the game you agree to their ToS which says they can make any change in the game that they want whenever they want and you have no recourse

They won’t refund a vehicle if you’ve used it. I tried.

So you are saying that people can and should demand a refund for the:
1.) BV 238
2.) Bf 109 Z-1
3.) Ju 288 C
4.) Sd. Kfz. 251/10
5.) 15 cm Pz.W.42
6.) VK 45.01 (P)
7.) Pz.Bef.Wg.VI P
8.) Ersatz M10
9.) 38 cm Sturmmörser
10.) S-204 Lang

It’s all cearly stated here: Gaijin Store Policy

7.2. The User acknowledges and agrees that in the event the User receives a license for an In-Game Item, the User acquires the right of access to certain digital content and the right to use certain digital content which is limited by in-game mechanics and/or balance settings and other features or the behavior of specific In-Game Items inside the Game (which can be modified from time to time). The User acknowledges and agrees that changes in characteristics, design, or functionality of In-Game Items should not be interpreted as changing such characteristics as performance, condition, and quality of the In-Game Items provided under this Agreement.

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i dont think they nerved any of those vehicels since implemntation?
Also it only applys to stuff you bought for real money.

They are faulty products with missing wing racks, weapons, bombloads, smoke, APCR, HEAT, armor plate and R.Ag.M42 rockets. They were released in a broken/nerfed state and were never corrected

…OR they are virtual toys in a videogame… ;-)

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