New Bonus RP sytem

Is the new RP bonus sytem working right. In the photo below many have more than 1 kill but dont show bonus next to there names.

Edit: previous match photo below

might have been npc plane kills not player kills

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Yea, this… The AI planes could cloud the stats.

I dont think so. If you count number of kills and number of dead opposition, it tells a different story

Did you actually notice any AI planes, or were you too busy going for kills?

To early in match for npc kills, plus they dont show on score board… before the patch they did not anyways. Just watched replay and not npc kills.

Yea that banme guy needs reporting, but yea, he got 3 kills, didn’t get the bonus.

Why would he need reporting

He’s actually shooting at his teammates in the start of the match.

Not very good at it was he 😆 😅 😂

No, absolutely not, but yea, shot at the F-82.

Let alone having the troll squadron membership.

(Also def working in Ground RB)

Look at this photo in this match

lol yep, that shows issues lol… Even many in there with 0s…

might only be display bugs as well , just liike the game still isnt able to show which players all have bombs and missles

Man, if only there were a way to test these things on some sort of playable development server before releasing.

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Think they call it the dev server, anyway could be a visual bug, but then again

I know…that’s the joke.

They always cold release a bunch of things in the official update that could have…should have…been tested on the dev server.

I dont think the dev server works for xbox

Just out of curiosity do npc aircrat count in your stats 'air targets destroyed '?

They do in the scoreboard you took a screenshot of… It’s only once you get out to the results screen that you see that they aren’t counted.