New air RB spawn point and battel systeem

So we all saw the mess in air rb and how its becoming a fox 3 spam where stock planes have no chanse to play against the new fox 3 and that ir missile became usless and by the time you get in the effective range to dogfight or use ir missile the game is over

I saw some one on reddit posting this and decided to make a suggestion for gaijin to make the spawn point in air rb like this this way each player will like face one enemy infront of him and not get spammed the players will be air spawnd whit the normal airfiend in it normal place so peole can repair and re stock
Idk i think this may help a littel bit because i cant even get to the middel of the map in my stock mig 29


In order for the spawn point system to work, Gaijin needs to address the snowballing effect that occurs with spawn points. In GRB this is the reason for one death leaving.

There’s not much of an incentive to stay in a battle if your team is getting steam rolled.

Ways to mitigate the steam roll and one death leavers could include:

  • AI reinforcements when your teams tickets fall below a certain %
  • bonuses when your teams tickets fall below a certain %
  • an SL bonus if you make it to the end of the match with a certain battle activity %

Without some sort of incentive for players to stay in a match, spawn point systems in War Thunder kinda suck.

If Air RB were to get a respawning mechanic, it should just be the Sim respawning mechanic. This way, players arent required to have vehicle lineups and you can mitigate the snowballing effect.

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Slash repair costs for anything above 11.0 by 75% as of that time would be spent merging.

Oh i love that bonus idea for grb

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