Never ending fire and damaged bomber still flying

In recent times I’ve seen a couple of planes that refuse to die despite the fire and keep flying while still burning, P-47 for example. I experienced it first hand in the last battle. I set a B-26 Marauder on fire, it went down, so I left it alone. After a few minutes, I see I still don’t have a kill. From the smoke I managed to find the B-26 and catch up, it was returning to the airfield and still burning! I attacked again and set his other engine on fire, or wing, I don’t know. He still refused to die despite the fire and kept flying. From a distance I could see it still burning. He was on fire for most of the battle and yet he kept flying, refusing to die. I got the kill after all, but I think he crashed on landing, from afar I could still see the fire until the last moment. How is that possible? Is this some kind of known bug?

IRL? Probably. In game? Probably not, and I’m kinda surprised its wings didn’t fall off. It might be a visual bug, but I really don’t know what to say, I’m in shock about this story

This happens since a few months quite often.

Very long lasting fires which are not producing enough structural damage in order to kill the enemy plane.

A fire in itself is and was never an indicator for a kill. It also depends on the aircraft and the location of the burning fuel tanks.

Even my JP paper plane B7A2 burns for several minutes when the engine is on fire. It is very often possible to rtb and to repair the plane even if is engulfed in flames - but you need to react quick enough in order to align the aircraft with the runway, as the fire damages the control cables.

There are a lot of vids on yt with very long lasting fires…

I also got quite a kick out of his defensive armament, he seemed to have unlimited ammo. It was one of the toughest fights I’ve ever fought.

In Air RB bombers have unlimited ammo for defensive guns…

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Engine fires can burn for quite a while without dealing serious damage to the plane.

If you got more than one engine, it’s not the end of the world.

Excuse me? I’m pretty sure they have limited ammo…

On the stat cards yes, in the match/game no.

I learned a few days ago that the Air SB players have now limited ammo, but in Air RB it was at least in the 7 years i play it always unlimited.

This creates sometimes effects that (depending on special circumstances) you can create a negative income with excessive gunnery even if you stay alive.

  • A classic example is bombing a base and seconds before your bombs explode a tanker in a P-47 rushes in a kills the base - resulting in a 0 score.

  • On top of that your whole team dies in seconds and you have half of the enemy team at your six and the other half killing tickets like there is no tomorrow.

  • If you then get chased you need a hell of ammo in order to keep enemy fighters away. With an aced plane and a level 75 crew you burn trough ammo extremely fast. If you are not able to score more than a few hits and your tickets vanish extremely quick, it depends on the match duration if you win or lose a few hundred SLs.

Huh okay

Example for fire, landing and repairing:

Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Got set on fire 14:44 - aligned with airfield, loss of aileron control around 16:00, landed totally engulfed in flames ~ 16:43, repaired and took off and helped avoiding ticked defeat vs malicious AF camper with killing last 2 bases on 3 bases map…