Never again

I bought 2 more packs during this sale. One of them is F104 for Italy.

Never. Never before over the years have I encountered such an inappropriate technique (which also has no alternatives - compare the choice in the American or, say, British branch).

The aircraft is a representative of the early generation of jets (essentially 1-2). Has radar without Doppler. He sees nothing against the background of the earth, while he sees from his opponents. Prem was given radar missiles, but both thermal and radar missiles do not have any noise immunity. While the enemy has it. despite the fact that we are talking about F104 in general.

Gaijin was able to piss me off with a nerf to the Vatyur for France, but the Vatyur was also MORE EFFECTIVE. The plane cannot even cope with phantoms, whose radar lock is not confused by dipoles (the F104 cannot maneuver). That is, the aircraft simply does not have a food niche at 11.0.

In short, Gadzin did not hesitate to sell an aircraft that is 2 steps higher than its natural combat rating as a package premium.

Streamers’ ratings: don’t buy. Rating in the Gaidin store - 3 points out of 5.

No more donations. Just on principle.

I’ve been in the game since 2014. During this time, I bought about 30 packages for real money and paid for a premium account. Among these packages there were various types of equipment. Some are really strong and later nerfed. Some unique, but complex. Some are average and nerfed further into the trash. But this is not the case.

Eeeeee, cope


You are playing it wrong then. bring only aim9, go high, go fast and do quick “in and out” dive attacks against targets below you that don’t see you.

Yes, that’s what I do. But this means reducing all the aircraft’s capabilities to 6 catch-up infrared missiles. I’m not interested in a vehicle that “can’t play” simply because the opponents of “your BR” are superior to you in all respects except maybe climb rate. The plane does not use its gimbals, since 11.0 is not its BR. They sold me the opportunity to “bomb”. They sold me the opportunity to “attack ground vehicles.” They finally sold me radar missiles. Only they are intended for 10.3 opponents.

I don’t want to know anything. No more donations.

I have heard this sentence so often. Many people’s brains switch back to FOMO mode at the latest at the next big event and the chance of a new OP cannon or the next sale.