Netherlands Air Force Modern Roundel

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General info
I would like to suggest the addition of the modern Royal Netherlands Air Force roundel. The triangle roundel that is currently ingame was only used in 1939-1940 to avoid misidentification as British aircraft by German pilots. Now that there are two aircraft ingame that also have this roundel in their skins I would believe it would be rather easy to add the roundel to the game.
The same has been done for the Hungarian roundel after the addition of the Hungarian subtree. I would seem only fair for the same thing to be done for the BeNeLux subtree.


Netherlands Air Force roundel:

Low Visibility version:

Dutch F-16:


That low vis decal is awesome!

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Yeah, this one is currently being used on our F-35’s.

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As a dutch player i’d love to finally see them in game. Don’t forget the green low vis roundel, would love that one aswell!

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They just added them ingame. Sadly it is locked to aircraft from the French tech tree.

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Sadly indeed… is it possible to reconsider this decision?

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Thats a shame, would have liked to be able to place them on any aircraft (or tanks) in the game.
Really hope they’ll reconsider their desicion!

Not sure how we could ask for a change. Maybe through another forum linked to them or the update/patch? Or maybe something with a bug repport under the historical fault gerne?

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I made another suggestion post. Its currently pending but in short, it is locked like other decals mainly due to simulator battles. People use them to confuse eachother.

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I kinda understand them locking it looking from an older point of view. But would it really have that much of an inpact on sim plane recognition? The old dutch triangle is currently available to all nation already. Besides that, historicly it would make more sence to make it available to all allied forces right? Knowing that the RNLAF flew for the brits in ww2?

Edit: let me know when your new suggestion is up, would like to support it.

Or with the current copy-paste we could maybe even get away from unlocking roundels for all nations in general.

For the WW2 era i understand them trying to have a semi historical looking vehicle. But higher tier wise with the missle spam and copy paste (the never ending T series tanks for example) it wouldn’t really matter i think.

They need a Ukrainian Air Force roundel as well. But also +1 because Roundels are just cool in general

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We could make a new suggestion about adding a bunch of new roundels. A win win for everybody

I can understand this but at the same time, you can easily confuse others in many others ways. You can cover up existing decals, people can just put the whole flag on of a country on their vehicles in order to mask and confuse, etc. Sure with a insignia it could be more genuine but eh.

Oh boy… do I have news for you…

Please don’t tell me they locked my precious rnlaf roundel

they sure did… :'(

Not only had I been waiting for years for the modern one, they take the old one from me as well.

At least I still got the old trusty:



Bro this actually makes me kinda mad. They took the only little thing we had and locked it to a nation that the dutch never worked with. Guess i’ll join you on the old trusty czech roundel before they lock that behind the baguette wall aswell

Honestlly, I’m kinda scared now they will restrict it too. Czech vehicles are already present in the Russian tree, so it is VERY possible for it to get restricted to Russia only. I’m going to go insane if that happens, because then I really lost everything other than userskins.


I don’t like where war thunder is headed, and it only seems to keep getting worse with each recent update they release…
Before we know it they’ll add new nations behind a paywall

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Patch notes and changes include RNLAF roundels

I guess we’ll have to fight for our roundels!

Sadly, the suggestion post isn’t up so I guess it didn’t make it through moderation. I’m gonna make a new one and hope that this one does make it through.