Netherlands Air Force Modern Roundel

New one has been made. Hopefully this one makes it through. Let’s see if it can get some traction among all players. I think everyone would see this as a welcome change.

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Ayeah unreal you pay like 200 GE for each roundel and cant use them on other planes than the French tree…while other roundels you can use on all the tree’s why? Can you change this or explain the reason why you cant use this roundel on other planes and for example the Czech roundel you can put on every plane? I can think about no decent reason. i mean putting the Dutch in the Frence tree okay fine ridicules but fine…Why changing such stuff…stop degrading the game please. I mean ill pay for stuff no worries…but stop changing things i payed for. And for real you can put gnomes on a tank or a bicycle on a tank how historical is that…


I agree, for example roundels of NATO member states should be applicable on all their vehicles and same thing for the Soviet / Russian / Sino Block.

  • Please make camouflages etc. purchase possible for console players through the camouflage itself not by buying loot boxes which fall under EU gambling laws (rightfully so). If you make them purchasable outright, I can almost guarantee you’ll sell more.
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