Netcode of the Game beyond repair, full rework needed ASAP

Honestly this game is completely unplayable every second match simply because of the broken Netcode.

Bombs falling 500m from you suddenly exploding right next to you, your shells vanishing into thin air, Shells hitting where you aim but dealing damage on a completely different point or missing the target and much much more.
It is entirely unpredictable what happens. I have 12ms-32ms ping and it feels like a CoD lobby with 999+ ping for more than 50% of the time.
How hard can it be to make a decent netcode? There are literally 1000 other titles which need fast and accure calculation over servers, yet none of them have these issues. And no it is not the servers. They are responding fast, it is Gajin bad coding which is the issue.

Instead of releasing ever new unbalanced and fake vehicles Gajin needs to fix the Netcode by simply taking one that works like literally every other online PvP shooter game does… It is not hard and absolutely important for the game.


My comments are about Air RB:

As a High ping player thanks to no servers in Australia or close enough to Australia my average ping is 180-300. I find air RB pretty much fine up to Jets.

I’d like some kind of lag compensation rework for Jets. Radar lock is much slower. Missiles seem heavily ping dependent at times and at that stage where jets are flying around at 1000km/hr my hits are luck quite often with the guns.

When I watch youtube vids of guys in the same jets playing with 20-30 ping I can’t help but feel envious. My radar locks spaz out all the time and I’m not talking about ground clutter.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

What does that have to do with what the guy was talking about? Even though I don’t agree with him, don’t derail his thread lol

I am not talking about Lag… Hence why your claim of no lag and my claims are absolutely compatible… Hence why I said that the servers are not the issue but the general netcode.


Maybe it’s because I don’t play ground that much anymore. When I do though, I don’t run into ghost shells and stuff. I don’t have any problems with teleporting bombs. I get hits with where my shells hit.

I normally play top tier air now. My only main concern that might be what you’re talking about, is the radar in game can act up. But I feel that’s more to the coding for the radar itself, and not just the general net code.

Well it happens quite frequently to me, usually late at night when queue times are also longer and matches smaler and calmer.
And as I said it differs from match to match.
One game I had today featured a shell aimed at and impacting the lower front of a T44 exploding near the turret of it, and he looked fine (no turret or track spasms as you find on laggy opponents and my ping was also stable.) In the same match a Fw190 threw a bomb at me which I saw him release almost exactly above me and fly smothly into the next street (red marker and all) just to suddenly die by the bomb exploding 2m to my right as if it had fallen straight down from where it was dropped. That time I was actually checking my ping as it happened just a short while after the T44 incident and the ping was 32-34ms with 0% pl prior and after. In general It never indicated any pl or ping above 34 all match.

I admit every second match is exaggerated, but I can remember similar instances for almost every day. Last week I had off, but the week prior I played only around 2 to 4 games a day due to work and still there not a singel day without such an issue.

The .ain purpose of this threat is simply to make people aware of this issue even if they have not encountered it personally. Just knowing about it will have an influence on peoples perception and maybe more people will spot it and report it.

Well then again there are plenty of reports about the netcode and related issues, which gajin often just closes with “check your internet connection”.

And fixing these issues is by no means easy, hence why I advise for a complete rework using another games netcode like WG did with WoT years ago to improve their ghost shell situation. Just dont take any net code from activision, EA or Unisoft, at least not their new stuff.

Every example of every game you want to proclaim has good netcode, aren’t server sided models, and therefore are prone to meddling.

And the biggest thing with the problem here is that ANY jitter or variance, or even the slightest packetloss (Even if it doesn’t show on the PL stat) will cause you issue.

It’s not the netcode, but the actual method that causes these sorts of things.

You become desync, then EVERYTHING gets sluggish, and you almost have to nurse it back to being airborne because it’s not reading your actual angle or position as much as you’d think it would be.

Because quite frankly, if you always have trouble, when the rest of us don’t as much as you, then it’s more often a you issue.

And even if you have a match where a few of you drop out, same thing… You can share routes from ISPs and various providers, and that is on your ISP to be chasing up.

Currently my issue is an ISP issue… My ISP got sold to another, now I can’t play for more than 5 minutes before I start losing packets and have trouble… Absolutely is the ISP on mine, as I know it will be, and I doubt they’ll even fix it because it works fine for browsing and doing ‘normal’ crap.

I hope you’re not referring to my post. Let me tell you It’s incredibly frustrating to have CLEAR sky. an enemy in front of me and my radar refuse to lock on. He is within range often coming STRAIGHT at me and it only locks on at gun range half the time -_-

Some games it magically works and I get a lock at 4.5-6km and get to fire a missile before gun range. Other times it just refuses to lock no matter what I do. I’ve checked / double checked my controls. I’ve watched missile guides on youtube. I understand the mechanics of notching, ground clutter etc. It’s frustrating to have this occur to you over and over. Have a good position, good solution and the game decides you’re not getting a lock this time round. Other times similar situation game gives you that lock and the missile flies true.

Really suspicious and doesn’t make sense to me that it inconsistently locks on and off when no ground clutter, no chaff no flare, flying from rear Or from below upwards facing the sky.

It’s when I began watching youtube videos to improve my positioning that I noticed the low ping how smooth their radar locks look. That’s when I wondered if it’s due to ping that I can’t achieve the same.

Define “Netcode”

I have been suffering for some time with the damage caused by tank bullets, but lately the problem has worsened to an extreme degree, including the absurd ricochets, the fact that the armor stops the bullet when it should not, when it penetrates and does no damage, it penetrates. and it does minimal damage and even bullets that disappear, they have made the game a real disaster. The damage model would have to be modified because they are a disaster, change the volumetric bullets because they are another disaster, the penetration calculator another disaster, and therefore that was mentioned above, it seems that the problems also largely come from a disastrous netcode.

Every big WG title, every Battle royale, fucking league if legends.
All have 100% server side models, none have anywhere near the amoint of problems.

Stop defending gajin with stupid arguments which do not hold up in reality.
There are more server side models than host models. The host model died years ago. Even CoD is now server side for f sake.

Ok, so you’ve got technical knowhow in the games netcode, compared to the others, or you’re just assuming they are all the same?

You’re lucky I didn’t point out your crumby wifi.

(Edit - Because as I said before, if you’re the only one reliably and constantly having it, then maybe you need to check your end and figure that out a bit more, because generally if everyone else is fine, or even a good number of peopel are fine and you are consistently having trouble, then it comes back to a you issue.

And that is why you are getting that response from your calls for help.)

Sure buddy.

Not like the betcode issues are known for over a decade, thousands of bug reports exists and so on.

Go live in your bunker oh all knowing one.

As I sated my internet connection is 100% not the cause. Sorry make that 110%.

But reading is not your strong point as you have shown in countless other topics you posted in.

And yes. Netcodes are copy paste as is 90% of such coding… you can literally find base models on Github which are used in other games like WoT, CoD, Apex legends and so on.

You didn’t deny that it’s wifi though, that’s something you didn’t throwout as much as throwing out your anger towards me in the form of an indirect attack…

Just because you can browse, or use other games fine, doesn’t mean your internet isn’t at fault.

Only twice but sure bud.

And I do not even use wifi… I use cable connection. But you again onow it all and still are completely wrong.
Again just because you say it does not make it true. In fact again you sjow that you have no clue as of what you are talking about.

Stop defending Gajins lazyness. You are the reason why this game does not progress. Because yoi defend gajin not fixing stuff

And no that is bullshit.

If I have absolutely no problem anywhere else but in WT then that is an absoulte indication that it is WT and not my internet connection at fault… thay is how you troubleshoot this stuff.

Man you are a clueless guy

You’ve not directly stated that it’s not wifi, you’ve only said that it isn’t your connection.

You say it’s a copy-paste, like you have any knowledge of the netcode that Gaijin uses.

You assume that your connection is fine, because it works in other things, but that often isn’t the case. Just because it can browse, or play games on another game, doesn’t mean your connection isn’t the issue.

And this, is just nonsense, and shows you have trouble in making your own conversation or discussion.

I don’t get why people have to be so fixated on being mean, literally, when nothing of the sort is being handed back to you…

Is that it? Because I DON’T actually respond in ilk, is it that you see it’s fine to try throw insults to me? Is that where I go wrong in chat or topics here?

If I started throwing out f bombs and abuse, would that make that sort of junk stop?

(Edit - I’ll stand by my statements, whoever flagged it is being silly about it.)