Nerf Ty-90

Ty-90 is just too much, a bully of CAS from 9.7 all the way to top tier. Ninja missile that comes from every corner of the map


Bruh, they already got nerfed to ground, they are just shadow of their former capabilities. You can out pull or flare em now.


can u send a patch notes with that “nerf” ?
i didnt saw anything

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It was one of the patches where they made all IR missles useless. Like 9Ls and R-60s going for first flare.

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it was ~4 months ago IIRC
TY-90 is still OP missiles and broken


Helicopter IR missile that works = OP and Broken


Yes, because all the western Manpads are useless and can’t lock a ka-50 from 3km. Meanwhile vikhrs are still OP in helicopter duels.


The TY-90 can’t do that either and once you get close enough the MAWS flares from the Ka-50 is enough to spoof it.

Well yeah, the only Helis that stand any chance is the AH.1 with Starstreaks and UHT + PARS 3s


Playing helicopter with TY-90 pays off more than playing SPAA.
You will score more kills with the TY-90 as SPAA


5 hits can’t kill a SU25, isn’t that enough? Or you want Russia to have the best MANPADS while they already got best MBT, heli, CAS, SPAA and Fighter?


I don’t know what universe you live in

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Plus, you have ground-launched TY90 named Sterla-10 with BR much lower. Don’t know what you are complaining about

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Hmm maybe because strela-10m2 has maybe lock on range of a helicopter at about ~1km?
Or planes with afterburner off ~2km and on ~3km?
Strela-10 can’t even target helicopters with IRCM enabled.
The Ty-90 has 2 times the range and the missile is faster than the strela?
There is nothing to compare here.
TY-90 is the winner

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I agree, and it isn’t fair. I own the ka-50, and it honestly feels dirty using it.

Confusing. Seems you have no TY90 experience at all. These 2 does almost the same at every side except the launching platform. Slower missile mean harder to dodge, which made it deadly at 9.0. Needless to talk about spawning points. Don’t know what you are crying about.

Topic cleaned, dont’ twist or change the content of the discussion, keep it clean

Ty-90 capable choppers are so annyoing. They always first spawn and fly into the enemy half of the map, settle down and delete everything which spawns. Other helis mainly have manpads like Stingers, which can’t do anything. TY-90 G overload and range is idiotic.This is too much. Remove and swap it with manpads, too.


you know that modern western manpads - are no longer fooled by flares ! they also used an image comparison to the ir. if there is no shadow of a plane at the heat source - the missle doesn’t care ! and the flare is ignored.

Yes? FIM-92 Stingers in-game will ignore flares, the only issues they have are actually hitting targets due to poor flight profile with contact fuse and DIRCM from Ka-52/Mi-28NMs which effect all IR missiles. Type 91 missiles will ignore flares, HN-6 generally ignores them as well, can’t comments on Mistrals since I don’t use them and Iglas are not good vs heavy flaring. TY-90s are an incredibly mixed bag, I’ve had them ignore flares completely (as they should, they’re a dual UV/IIR seeker (from the 1990s) much like other later MANPADS missiles) and other times they’re very flare hungry like an R-60.

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Instead of asking for an unrealistic nerf to the TY-90, the opportunity should be used to convert all MANPADS to the guidance data of the Mistral - that is, there is no prescribed maximum G-load for the missile, and the missle’s pull is determined entirely by its fin and guidance characteristics.

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