Nerf Scharnhorst Armor or make it 8.0

Once I realise I’m shooting at a Scharnhorst I usually look for another target. Don’t want to spend all game hitting and looking at 94% crew the entire time and then finding at the end I get next to zero reward due to doing ‘no damage.’

Locked onto a target in a murky, misty game a few days ago; fired a salvo based on estimated relative speed, then another once I’d got the lead marker; was about to fire a third when the first salvo landed, revealing a Scharnhorst. As I was in an 8” cruiser (Mogami, w/ AP round) I started looking for a better target, but before I found one the second salvo landed and detonated the Scharnhorst’s ammo. You don’t see that every day. Couldn’t believe it; that has to be a 1-in-10,000 shot - and by ‘shot’ I mean the entire salvo.

Yesterday I killed 2 in one game, but that was on an open ocean map and they happened to sail into long lance salvoes. ‘Can be killed by long lance’ =/= ‘not OP.’

Been playing cruisers recently, so not really had chance to try the BB calibre HE ‘exploit.’


True though mk 1 15 inch naval gun was one of if not proven very reliable, warspite proved it, throughout her wartime, career, and it was very effective when used at Jutland with QE class.

Yeah the reliability wasn’t the best on the WW1 era ships but the WW1 15-inch/42-calibre was a very different gun than that of the WW2 era version.

New linings, longer projectiles and a huge amount of other changes were made which is why Britain kept using the guns.

I am confused why they stuck with 42 calibre long weapons though as opposed to the 52-calibre weapons seemingly every other navy used.

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I suspect it was for maximizing plunging fire by reducing velocity, seeing as they didnt seem to have range issues anyways?