Nerf Scharnhorst Armor or make it 8.0

never heard of The Battle of the North Cape?

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Where HMS Belfast, a British light cruiser with 6 inch guns successfully defended a convoy from the Scharnhorst and inflicted considerable damage before the British fleet with HMS Duke of York. came in and sunk her?

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My take-away from looking at the battle of north cape is this:

  1. Many nations, notably Britain. Are lacking comparable Battleships to that of the Scharnhorst and it is about time we get HMS King George V or HMS Rodney to counter the Scharnhorst

  2. Many cruisers are lacking IRL capabilities that would put them above and beyond their in game depiction. Radar for example would be a game changer for British light cruisers

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Even regardless of the debate on the Battle of North Cape what you can tell from in-game is that if Scharnhorst should be this good, then it’s much too early for it to be in-game and Germany could manage with ships such as the Bayern’s, König’s etcetera.

A fantastic option would have been the Mackensen or Ersatz-Yorck classes from WW1 albeit never finished, both were laid down and historically were what prompted the Admiral Class ship HMS Hood therefore they would be very much on par with eachother, as the EY would have the same calibre, thinner belt, but faster reload and a higher DPM.

Both of these were the same base class of ship but with the Ersatz-Yorck being an upgunned version from the Mackensen’s 35CM guns to the EY’s 38CM guns. Relative to Scharnhorst whilst they would retain the turtleback, their armour belt would be 11.8 Inches rather than Scharnhorst’s 13-inches. Much more manageable for ships in-game.

Scharnhorst could then have been introduced later Dreadnoughts which could cope with her damage model.

Mackensen and Ersatz-Yorck

Mackensen History
Ersatz Yorck - Germany - War Thunder - Official Forum

Perhaps also Austro-Hungarian ships which would provide variety from a nation which was solidly aligned with Germany. A more appropriate ship than Scharnhorst (in my opinion) from Austria-Hungary would be the Ersatz-Monarch Class Battleship which was never laid, but had guns built and work on the turrets started.




Yeah, King George V always gets denied because it’s too modern, but Scharnhorst seems to have been added with no one really asking for it I think.

It was a strange choice with so many better options available


In Q&A two years ago ([QA] Answers from the developers - News - War Thunder ) Dev said there are no target for system weapon winged missile + bomber like on Tu-22 and perhap in the future there target will appear such aircraft can be implemented. But in current i saw too much complain about Scharnhorst’s armor, and the limit of aircraft in naval battle is +0,6 BR only so that too much jet bomber cannot approach it. The most possible and earliest system are KSR-1 + Tu-4K however Tu-4 has BR 8.0. I believe that Scharnhorst can not be sinked even get direct hit from two KSR-5 which carried on Tu-16, and it only destroyed when suffered damage from salvo of 3x Kh-22 launched from Tu-22M or 4-8xP-35 of Grozny class cruiser (only one unit if use nuke warhead 🐧). Gayjin shoud release the limit of aircraft in naval battle to treat Scharnhorst’s armor by jet 8.0, or it’s time to introduce ASM in coldwar.

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I don’t think ruining the experience for every other ship in the game because people think the Scharnhorst is too strong is the way to go. Jet bombers and anti-ship missiles at this point would destroy the game just to “fix” a single issue. No thanks.


There are person who still expect too much for anti ship missile…

I think that would introduce a measure which would screw over anything including Scharnhorst but also everything else. Really the only solution is for Scharnhorst to go up or for her to take flooding in the gap between her belt and turtleback.


Anything that allows someone to fire out of line of sight is going to cause problems. Let’s fill out the trees, decompress the BRs, and uptier the Scharnhorst before adding those.

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Or just fix AP not hull breaching like it should


Speed of ASM on early cold war Soviet’s cruiser and aircraf are low enough to prevent by AA, it’s appropriate time to add new naval SAM as RIM-7, and the high range to hundres km of ASM must be guided by system Success-U or the max range was depend on radar of launched cruiser. In future the next gen battleship could be added into game and someone 'll complain about armor of Yamato class or KGV, even Nelson possible cannot damage to Bitchmark

Too much is too much XD. Gaijin should also fix lower BR. Differences between 5.3 and 5.7-6.3 bluewater ships ludicrous too. I go against guys who have 3 turrets with 3 152 mm guns with better reload and more accurate range finder.

6.0 cruiser Vs scharnhorst ☠️☠️☠️


Yea thats absolutely bonker man, i got Baltimore from chest and decided to try it out.

Since its 6.0 i got uptiered and i got one shotted in less than 20 seconds after respawning

They really need to decompress BRs


I honestly think they should find a way to remove this ship from the game until they can balance the AP bug, or at least limit them to fighting 7.0 only. Its just completely untouchable by almost anything. There’s no point my playing BB’s at the moment because if there is even 1 scharnhorst on the enemy team unless your team also has a Scharn or BC it will solo 4-5 players.

I’m usually a fan of rebalancing but it’s been what 2 years and they haven’t introduced a true peer.

I think all ships but particularly German ships need rebalancing to be honest.


I have stopped playing 7.0 matches because of scharnhorst, and in my 6.3/6.7 ships if I get uptier to 7.0 I just leave now.

I can kill any ship but scharnhorst? Don’t wanna deal with shooting him for 15 minutes for him to turn back and ammo rack me at close range lol.


I feel the same, what actually prompted me to (slightly raging) comment that, was being ammoracked in my 6.7 HMS Orion less than 30 seconds after I spawned in, I couldn’t even turn my guns to face him in the time it took for him to range, rotate and fire accurately at my ammorack.

Another time I went in, got hit in the centre and lost 80% of my crew in one salvos, meanwhile I spent 4 minutes beggingly try to use HE to cause him to flood with only 12% of my crew left.

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t add the Ersatz Yorck/Mackensen as these were historically the counters to HMS Hood and would be much more balanced.

Germany will be my next grind because given how long the Prinz Eugen and Scharn dominated their respective fields for, I can only imagine how good Bismarck, Tirpitz, Gneisenau and H-39/40/41 will be.


I have scharn but I refuse to play it , I have allergy to truly blatantly op shit. Same reason why I don’t play Gripen.

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I’m very into naval at the moment so once I unlocked my Gripen I grinded until the 9M’s and just stopped from there. I think it may be time for me to start a new tank tree though.

I am curious what will replace Scharn though because thats got to be the most terrifying idea ever.