What is on everyone's 2024 wish list for naval?

Well no… Scharnhorst’s turtleback is problem of angle(It’s almost near to 100% ricochet angle), so even 16’’ would ricochet

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Better RP gain

Maybe more gamemodes like escort missions

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My main thing is the cap and spawn point locations, bluewater spawn in battles up to 5.3 spawn right on top of the pt boat caps basically ruining coastal gameplay, they need to remove the close spawn and make bluewater ships spawn further out.

In the flip side at br 5.7+ they either need to remove pt boats or the caps, I can’t think of how many times I’ve been playing high tier and the game ends in 5 minutes because some $hothead uses a 1.7 pt boat to get all the caps.

Also capping by sea plane needs to be removed

IJN Takao. That would make me actually invest in Naval.

Then the rebalancing, decompression, better maps would make me want to play Naval fairly longterm, because as it stands from what I have played it has been a seesaw of being genuinely frustrated and genuinely disinterested.

My suggestion for some of that - feel free to comment, cause you raised some good points about the proximity of the Coastal Spawn on some of the maps :)

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What do you mean? People are complaining about it all the time. If you want to vent:

The current best hint is to stop using AP/SAP and just shell it with HE munitions - you would be surprised by how effective it can be. Not as good as ammo-racking other ships, but still does the job.

HE works to some degree, but it is grossly inefficient compared to ammo-racking or crew depletion.

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Yep. But it’s also by far more efficient than peppering it with AP.

Thats true, AP is quite literally pointless. You can’t pen anywhere you would need to in order to do damage.

This is literally my post :D

Don’t forget that while you are trying to sink scharn with he he can fire back, with insane 17 sec reload, and rush you with Torps in some maps

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Let’s keep the Scharnhorst discussion to the Scharnhorst thread ;). But it’s nowhere near as simple once you start looking into DPM. Damage output/killing potential is a weakness of Scharn, not its strength.

It is definite strength as not all players and AI are battleship in battle, and Scharnhorst is absolutely monster at killing those things.

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Type 055 and YJ-21

Probably coastal frigates being moved to bluewater and then having their BRs and repair cost be balanced against bluewater vessels instead of coastal boats

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Rework on naval. More modern WWII ships, but for that to work, naval BR would have to be reworked or the mode itself would require restrictions where air BRs are seen differently when put in lineups with naval BR. I honestly can’t wait for Bismarck and Iowa classes but with how BR is going right now, those would likely be around 9.0 or 10.0. Which would have you seeing jet bombers and stuff in the lineup.

I want a complete and utter rework on naval maps themselves. Anything past 3.0 shouldn’t be seeing maps that you spawn in and immediately start shooting each other. We don’t need the extremes that we see in naval EC(Which I do enjoy though) but I do want to see bigger maps so when we do get our bigger ships we can have proper tactics instead of spawning in and immediately shooting.

More 16" guns too.



Anything swedish, especially coastal stuff.

Yeah jointed finnish-swedish coastal tree would be great. I wouldnt mind at all it being added before bluewater

Horizons but I know that isnt likely to happen
Id also like a costal only mode for higher tier costal so playing them isnt just “how long before a destroyer comes and obliterates me”

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