Nerf planes or buff SPAA

Top tier is unbalanced when it comes to spaa and planes. A top tier plane can just throw a agm like 20km away and kill a spaa even before it has a chance to shoot it’s misile (most spaa misiles only have 12km) only pantsir has a chance with a range of 20km.

My sugestions
In order to nerf planes in ground realistic they should do the next.
Substantially increase SP for agm’s
Increase dificulty of launching agm’s making it more dificult to easily hit a target
Have a certain percent of oversteer and fail it’s target
Or the most unrealistic one reduce agm’s range

Remove or substantially reduce smoke for manual guided misiles (SACLOS)
Make it easier to control SACLOS misiles
A way to easily counter agm’s
Or the most unrealistic increase misiles range


Which planes have a missile that can lock tanks, not the ground, at 20km?

I want to see each missile/bomb cost sp rather than the current “1 missile is 165sp and 6 is also 165sp”.

This is sort of already a thing. They used to always hit center mass dead on but they cjsnged it so that it can deviate. Can save you sometimes when their missile ends up hardly doing any damage due to a bad hit.

I want them to add a lot more spaa before anything else. Gaps need filled and new top tier spaa is due.


Pantsir is not 20km against anything that isn’t a helicopter or drone.
It’s ~12km against an almost perpendicular jet, and ~14km against all other non-straight positions of the jet.

Your suggestions are counter to realism.
The solution is better SPAA which we know Gaijin is working on, one type is reliant on their AI overhaul.

Here’s some questions, to see if you’ve even thought about how to do these…

So do what exactly? How will this be done?

Introduce RNG into whether your attacks hit? Why don’t we go ahead and do the same for every tank gun in game, maybe give tanks health bars and average “damage” rolls while we’re at it!

Don’t mean too much offense but I see these types of things a lot and people do not think through their suggestions

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Unsure if Gaijin is fixing it per se. However you are sort of on the point of what is likely be done at a snail’s pace.

easily half of this man’s suggestions are things that have already been done

the SACLOS missile nerf for SPAAs was completely unnecessary and made it massively more difficult for 10.0+ SPAA to cope with CAS

I’ve called a number of development behaviors. And I do my best to only make calls where there’s substantial evidence.
In the AI overhaul, Gaijin stated development of this during heli PVE development.
Then they gave indications of continual development with the SPAA announcement involving AI ground radar systems in a post context I can’t fully remember. And of course there was the new anti-air text a number of updates back.

Realistic missile behavior was necessary as we’d never know how effective SPAA was without those fixes.

And why exactly was it necessary when top tier SPAA was already struggling? It didn’t take a genius to figure out that SPAA with “realistic” controls, radar problems and missile wobble wouldn’t hold up vs aircraft able to pull 1.5x as many Gs as they could without causing a wing break.

Cause simulating physics accurately is always necessary.



A-10A Late

(or any other plane with AGM-65D)

When did they buff the agm 65d? Last i played it, it couldnt lock vehicles past like 6-7km just like all the other agm65s and gbus

Your releasing a GBU at 6-7km?
Or just lock?

For locking. It only locks the ground until about 6km then it will start to lock the tank. For laser gbus, you can just drop those from way further out and be fine since they can lock after drop once they get within range.

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Always been like that, its been my go-to weapon for killing pantsirs

SPAA is fine as it is, the problem lies in the fact that maps are too small for SPAA to be effective in its role, but it’s also the player’s fault for not knowing how to play them effectively (Not using IRST, turning off radar for stealth, staying next to friendly SPAA) which results in easy kills for CAS.

My ideal solution would be to expand the map borders behind spawns for SPAA to move around, take cover, hide etc. Give the extended spawn area randomized spawns so that CAS can’t just preemptively drop ordinance like they can on the set spawn points.

Tv guided misiles only the Kh-29T has a range of 13km
Adding SPAA is dificult since not many countries has a all in one sistem as a SPAA as the pansir, for example patriots are 3 diferent vehicles or the iron dome that is also a 3 vehicles

shouldnt matter how difficult it is, gaijin created this problem knowingly and willingly

lol Your post is wrong.
Gaijin started development on the new SPAA systems before CCIP was given to CAS.
It’s likely taking longer than they expected as development of new things do.
Said SPAA requires features that currently aren’t present in War Thunder, one of which is AI-controlled radar, which currently does not exist.

You replying to me only serves to feed me funny shit to laugh at Alvis. You are wrong 99% of the time and the only reason I give you 1% is because I haven’t read every post you’ve made.

Good to know you think most experts are wrong, since that’s where I get most of my information.
I have very little information I attain from my own investigations.
Defeating Pantsir and realizing how useless it is against CAS? I investigated that personally and came to that conclusion after 2 hours of gauging ranges and attack vectors.

Me stating that Gaijin is working on an AI overhaul? They said this themselves in early heli PVE development and indicated they’re working on it more when they said they’re working on AI radar systems to work with anti-air systems without their own self-contained radar.
On top of that there is a lot of new anti-air text in-game now.