Need some help for my suggestion

I want to make a suggestion about adding China, Italy, Sweden and Israel themed and level 7 Assault mode mission but i dont know they’re balenced or not
I’m a Air main and select these vehicle only by BR and try to copy the missions in game
Could someone give me some suggestions?

Plan A: Adding China, Italy, Sweden and Israel mission

I select Pradesh for China for 1967 Sino-Indian War, Tunisia ofr Italy for WW2 and which IT just using in Air assault missions now, Sinai for Israel for Yom Kippur War and Finland because it’s most related to SW.
For UK, i planned to move it to El-Alamein cause the Sinai now is often said too hard to play

Plan B: Remaking level 6 missions and add level 7

Both level 6 and 7 will allow player to use helicopters. Level 6 is for 8.3 - 9.7 BR and 10.0+ is in level 7.
I tried to make a REDFOR remix like Fulda now, but failed because it’s hard to choose a map for it

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I think both ideas are cool, though Assault mode in general is kinda meh and I prefer its full rework instead.
On the other hand I am not against the addition of new maps for this mode.
In terms of Italy, I would use a different map, which would be more suited not only for Italy, but also to its subtree - Hungary (maybe also Romania if more of its vehicles arrive. That’s why I think something like Carpathians or Kuban will be better.

Cause I think the reason Gaijin choose the map is “where these vehicle will invade”, like Ardennes for US
For this reason, Tunisia would be a historicial choice