Need help with the RWR from the Kfir Canard

Hey there, I´m struggeling a bit with the understanding of the RWR from the Canard. I do know what “AA” is meaning, but for the rest I am clueless, can sb help me out?

The AN/APR-25, which is I believe what the kfir canard has for RWR, should consist out of the radial RWR display and the 6 lights underneath it.

I’m going off the gamefiles here, so correct me if I’m wrong. But the lights should be: “S125”, “AI”, “AI R/O”, “S75”, “SA75” and “AAA/AI”. There is no “AA” light I think, but maybe you meant the “AAA/AI” one.

Anyways, first of all, the radial display on top should be self explanatory. It shows the direction of the radar signal.
The lights mean the following:

  • S125: signal from something which employs the S-125 missile, otherwise known as the SA-3. Currently only the Bravy (a ship) employs this missile in WT.
  • AI: Air Interceptor, enemy aircraft.
  • AI R/O: Air Interceptor Range Only, rangefinder type radar on an aircraft
  • S75: signal from something which employs the S-75 (SA-2) missile. Useless currently.
  • SA75: same as S75 but some older variant. Useless currently.
  • AAA/AI: Anti Air Artillery or Air Interceptor. On the AN/APR-25 this is useless, because the radar group that falls under this category is completely empty in the files. This is not an unique issue either. Though you should still be able to get pinged by unknown radar as long as they are of the correct bands.

And here is a list of the recognized AI and AI R/O radars respectively:







The other groups are either just empty or just the Yatagan radar on the Bravy (for the S125 light). Any other radar in game that isn’t on the list will probably only show up as radar contact on the radial display but with no light (and of course only if they are in the RWR supported radar bands).


Thank you very very much! This helped me a lot :)