Need a 2.7 ussr lineup and a 5.7 german lineup

I heard the tiger isn’t so good anymore, and i can’t find a good tank at 2.7 other than the t-50.

Tiger is still good. Would suggest that you keep it in the lineup.

Tiger is fine where it is, I actually play it at 6.3 and it plays just as good as before. For USSR, there isn’t much there. The T-28E and T-80 are still good higher up by a bit. Also the SU-57B, why 2.7? There are much better lineups at 4.3.

Just play 6.0. 6.0 is a great lineup for Germans and is one of the few BRs that isn’t constant full uptiers.

5.7 is still good though. The Tiger H is still a good tank and you also get Panzer IV/70 and the Waffentrager which are both great TDs, and the VK is a great pseudo light tank for flanking.

Well, it is “the” tank at 2.7. Everything else is a TD, assault gun or SPAA. Unless you buy the Lee I guess, but the T50 is still much better.

Really, not constant uptiers? I played the tiger and every game was a 6.7 match.

6.7 maybe but not 7.0.

My 5.7 lineup:

You could add Waffentrager in place of Sturmmorser.

Ok, an im really struggling, but part of the problem i think is constant 0.7 or 1.0 uptiers, and one 5.7 tank.
I think i should replace the vk3002m with the panther d and the stug 3 with the panzer 4 70V and also get the 88mm flak bus. Oh and i’m mostly dying to m36s with the 90mm.

The great 5.7 German line up was destroyed when Gaijin raised the BRs to 6. They love to make a mess of existing line ups including CAS. Tiger is still good as others have said. I think Germany at 5.7 was making USA at 6.3 seem weak but USA should have dropped not Germany raised.

VK3002 is actually really useful at 5.7 to be used like the M18 ,gives you a fast option you cant really get elsewhere.

2.7 Russia is simply about using anything you can get at 2.7 since the T126 was moved to 3.0, another reason for leaving BR alone.

im struggling with the tiger h1 and the vk

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Panzer IV70 is a must have and my main brawler.

I use the VK like a fast light scout type tank for capturing zones/caps where I think I might get there first and be gone by the time the enemy arrive or move to an ambush point quick.

The Tiger 1 I use like almost as though it were a glass cannon or SP gun.
I set it up to snipe from distance.

Dont think that because you are heavily armored that you have to rush into to face the enemy. The tiger works in game as it did historically which is by hiding or taking a good position and using its gun as a sniper rifle. Get that into your head and it becomes a whole new ball game.

So get yourself a place where you think the enemy may have to pass and just stop a little earlier than you might normally and just let them come, take your time, pick the shots and you will soon have a smile on your face. Use your binoculus because its amazing what you see in the distance by really looking, Study the horizon, wait for a muzzle flash, maybe even turn off your engine because smoke is such a giveaway.

I prefer the Nashorn to the Waffentraeger and the Panther is good at 5.3

The premium Dornier Do 335 b2 is a must have and if you only ever buy on premium then that’s the one.

If you are struggling with the Tiger it is just a skill issue because it is a great tank. The VK and the Panther D are hard to use and are very dependent on positioning and using their mobility. You really want to use them to flank or snipe and they are quite bad at close range.

The Tiger is cannon fodder in a town and this needs to be pointed out. Trouble is so many maps force a style of game play on the player.

No wonder we have so much ODL ,it’s possible to get a map like Cologne which ironically can be totally at odds with the German line up at 5.7 BR.

Not true at all. The Tiger is great on pretty much any map.

Well you are contradicting yourself then as you said it’s a skill issue. How to use the Tiger and when not to is very much a skill issue, it’s THE skill issue.

The Tiger is at no advantage close in and exposing its sides at close quarters ,not in the game or during WW2.Same with top tier MBTS like the Challenger 2,they were made for a purpose and a role specifically and enjoy success when being used correctly.

This what the OP is asking, he doesn’t need a lecture on skill issue.

The Tiger has a great combination of armour, mobility and firepower. It is not necessarily the best on map but neither is it the particularly bad either, it has no big weaknesses and can be used very effectively on urban maps. If you can’t be effective with it it’s definitely not the tank’s fault, that’s just the truth, not a lecture.

Its dead to tanks at 2 BR below from the side at close range. Thats a fact. An M4 will one shot it from the side but not at range from the front while angled on big open map.
Like the M22 can take out the Panther close up in an urban map so don’t even put yourself in that position unless you have to.

This may be the problem the OP is having. I love the Tiger and agree with you on how good it is but I also remember how hugely disappointed I was when I first got it because I did not use it correctly and expected the “wonder tank” would do all the work for me.

Maybe you have forgotten what its like to be new and have new weapons to use. The tiger needs to be used in the right way like most vehicles in this game.

Interesting. While this is correct, that’s like saying “OmG, tHE StURm TigEr cAn tAKe OUt a MbT, it shOulD bE an ElEVen Oh TanK!” Or “OmG, tHe LeOpARd 2A7 CaN be KillED bY tHe M22, so It ShoUlD be TwO tHRee!”

Armor isn’t the only player in BR choice, but Armor, Gun, Ammo, and Mobility.

The Tiger 1 (H-1 and E) wouldn’t have had a BR bump if it wasn’t that good. (It was, as I play it at 6.3 with zero problems)

However, yes, maps make a vehicle lackluster, like Russian tanks on a hilly map, or NATO tanks facing Russian tanks on a flat and CQC map.


Virtually every tank in the game will be penned when hit in the side without an angle. Virtually every tank in the game has weakspots that can be exploited at close range by low BR tanks. War Thunder is generally not a game where you can rely on “tanking hits”. Don’t get hit in the first place.