Neck pain inVR


In the last months, this is the third or fourth time getting a stiff neck from looking on my six. Is there a possibility for making the ,look back button" working in VR? Or can anyone who is part of Gaijin reliable say if VRnecksafer is allowed or not. Thx

Consult your doctor for the neck pain.
And for the VR? My chair turns around, not sure if VR would notice that, but certainly an option to utilize

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Training. VR can be physically demanding. At the beginning of my VR time, I could barely stand an hour standing or sitting with lots of movement.
Today I can play for 3-4 hours at a time without any impairment. The important thing is to stop before it starts to really hurt.

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A minimum is to at least stretch well like before sport, especially neck muscles.

Also, you’ll find a lot of video tutorials for neck mobility exercises, and in my experience it really helps with those VR dogfights.


If you were able to get this to work it would only make you sea sick almost immediately.

My neck is stiff too, I usually turn my shoulders as well as my neck - I have turned mine off, however, you could use the mirrors (if your aircraft has them).

Or you could use your “center” button (the one that resets your view) and just turn left or right a bit, center on that so you look one way for forward and the other way for back (but it would leave a blind spot on the opposite side, of course).

It’s also probably a good idea to see a doctor and make sure you stretch out, maybe even a small workout before playing.

If it gets to be too much you may have to give up VR and switch (back to?) TrackIR - that allows for smaller motions to look around and much higher fidelity since you can use a full size 4K monitor.

Guys i really appreciate all your answers. But that is not what I’m asking for. I’m asking for a rly rly small qualitiy of life feature. Or someone who can answer one single question reliably.

You’re not likely to get a straight answer from anyone at GJ - but the program you’re looking to run will run outside of WT and doesn’t interfere with WT files, so there’s no reason it would be forbidden.

I run 2 or 3 programs which alter my inputs (which is what this is doing) and have not had issues after 10 years of use with WT. (Mods which allow me to use Saitek Flight Simulator gear with War Thunder and another app which allows me to re-map axis to keyboard presses)

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Depends on a bunch of things, like headset weight, neck/muscle strength, or any tightness, generally from holding the neck muscles tightly in a single position for a extended period of time, this can happen from sleeping, laying down, being on a phone, or playing VR. If your neck is being strained, stop. If it’s just tightness, get a friend or partner to massage your neck and upper shoulders, where the neck control muscles are. In a general sense, it shouldn’t hurt, you may want to see a chiropractor or doctor about that.

As for a button, I’m sure you could map one to your HOTAS stick if you have one.

I’d get a lounger chair and be more laid back in your playing.

Also though, googling said VRNeckSafer works in other games, but could be something to mess about with.

Use VRNeckSafer or XRNeckSafer depending on what VR API you run. It’s essentially a “look behind” button for VR, something 2D players already have as a keybind.

As for your neckpain, you are most likely experiencing the first syptoms of osteoarthritis or cervical spondylosis. This is a degerative disease that can not be cured and is directly related to you straining your neck in VR. This is a common affliction experienced by fighter pilots and other professionals who use their neck excessivley.

Take the following advice extremely seriously or you will begin having excruciating neck pains which can shoot down your arm and back:

  1. Immediately see your doctor and ask for a refferal to get either an X-Ray or an MRI focused on the C4-C6 areas of your vertabrae.
  2. Get a swivel chair and do not twist your neck more than 80 degrees to the right or left, let the chair do the rest.
  3. Get VR Necksafer to check your 6.
  4. Ideally, if you have pain, take a break until you get the results of your X-Ray and have had a chance to discuss them with your doctor.

Myself and other VR users in my squadron are all dealing with this issue due to years of abuse from playing tournaments in sim, where the effects of keeping our necks twisted constantly have begun taking their toll. I have overcome the syptoms by using the steps I outlined above, but have given up on tournaments as they are not worth the health risk.

I don’t visit these forums often, if you need more advice join our Discord and PM me. You can get an invite from

I’m really interested to VRNeckSafer but I can’t make it work, I know that for DCS and IL2 only works in SteamVR so I’m now also running Warthunder in SteamVR still can’t make it work.
Did anyone actually had it work in WT? and if so how?

I run Standalone War Thunder with SteamVR on a BSB headset (which uses Valve architecture). Make sure the Necksafer API is active in SteamVR and use VRNeckSafer.

If you are running Standalone War Thunder with a WMR headset, you would use XRNeckSafer.

If you are running Quest or Oculus then I don’t know if it will work.