Naval Matchmaker

So i was just in a naval arcade match where the enemy team had 4 players with 5.7 ships and we had 0!
Our highest was 5.0, how is this possible? This seems like an utterly broken garbage matchmaker to me, can this be fixed?

 !! Detail !! There can be no more than 4 players with TOP BR vehicles per team. However, there can be more TOP BR players in one of the teams.

That is still an utterly broken matchmaker to me, how is this balanced in any way?
If they don’t want people to leave matches then make the difference smaller in team strenght.
Naval is already an unbalanced mess and fighting 4.7 vs 5.7 is almost undoable, let alone fighting 4 enemy players at 5.7 + the rest of their team with only 5.0 or lower ships on your team.

On top of that we got utterly overperforming vessels. Best example ist the Scharnhorst. You see them sailing right in the middle of mayhem without any care left and right… because they can. From zero to hero with Scharnhorst is the 7.0 gameplay.

Hot damn i had a same situation in ground RB today, me with my 6.0 china line up vs an enemy that had multiple IS3 and T44-100. My teams didn’t show any 7.0’s or they didn’t use them since i can’t check in RB. But the point being this is total garbage, no point in even playing that match where i used a 150% booster.
Do you want to drive people away from the game gaijin?
Make the boosters not expire or fix the damn matchmaker, each team should have equal amount of top BR players atleast let alone amount of vehicles.