Naval maps and spawns

Honestly, why are they like this? I am begining to believe that naval map devs have never played a pvp game before. Every map spawns you in with a direct line of sight of the enemy spawn, within range, and without cover anywhere near you. Every match makes me feel like gaijin saw that planet earth scene with the baby sea turtles and wanted to recreate it.

There should be three easy solutions in my opinion.
Option 1: put a large island in front of spawns
Option 2: have large islands mid map that block people from firing from spawn to spawn
Option 3: make the maps large enough that you spawn outside of firing range

Option 3 is the least likely but i would rather spend 10 minutes sailing and getting into a good position rather than spawning well within range and trying to find the closest cover while fighting my own team because 10 heavy crusiers/battleships all spawned insanely close.

Any thoughts/other options they could do?


Finally, someone mentioned the big problem of this gamemode.
I’ve waited a long time for something to change, but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone or the voice of those who bother them is ignored and ignored.
When I play with ships, my priority is to spend the first few minutes hiding slightly from the enemy before they wipe you off the face of the earth.
I think your suggestions are both reasonable and feasible.
However, these improvements would not require a major update but could be added in a minor update.
I hope as many people as possible will see it.
You have my support.✊

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Why are you freaking out about it?
Step 1: Never spawn first - ALWAYS spawn last.
Step 2: Spawn ready to manouever.
Step 3: Relax, very few players are going to be able to one-shot you (unless you’re in a Des Moine - lol) and you can take punishment.

IF you are taking fire from more than one ship, you spawned first. Switch to the scoreboard, watch everyone on THEIR team spawn in, then spawn. Auto-start is also disabled while the scoreboard is open.

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The fact that the only way you can somewhat safely spawn into the start of a match is to have a meatshield is the problem.
The start of the match should be completely safe to spawn in.
Imagine if ground or air maps played like this. They would be closing the forum from the riot that would follow.

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Totally disagree. I love the intensity of naval spawns, I love that you have to be switched on, manouevering and hunting from the moment you spawn.

Yes, getting shot at in naval is loud and scary if you’re not used to it, just turn the volume down.
And most players are bad enough at this game that just reversing will prevent them hitting you.

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I am not scared of the sound. I just dont like the fact that you can get one shot less than 20 sec after spawning with no chance to get to cover.

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Ewww, you got the Des Moines didn’t you? lol

Again, know your ship, know how to manouever and know how to angle.
You literally have a full 10-15s to WATCH the incoming rounds and avoid them.

But here’s the real kicker about your complaint, aside from Conquest there are exactly TWO maps that have LOS spawns and no cover: African Gulf and Aluetian Islands.

Personally, I love the African Gulf knife fight.

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Option 3 is pretty much naval EC

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What? There are like 2 maps that have cover near the spawn. Volcanic island actually has cover and fuego islands has some cover somewhat near spawn. I am trying to use the kurama rn. It doesnt exactly turn well.


And what is the problem? You cant hide behind island and peek out like chicken?

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South Kvarken
Black Sea Port
Arabian Sea
Ireland bay
North Sea
Mediterranean Port
Volcanic Island
Japanese Port
South Africa
New Zealand Cape
Franz Josef Land
North Port
Andaman Sea
Green Mountains
Fuego Islands
Coral Islands
Palau Islands

All those either have no LOS to spawn, immediate cover or both.

And again, know your ship. The Kurama is not a forgiving ship, it’s very fragile - spawn last, protect your rear magazine and avoid getting hit. Also turn off auto-repair so you’re not feeding the HE.

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And I’m telling you this as a player who can and will reliably one shot you. Because I know my ship and I know your ship.

A few of those are like 3.7 br max so i wont seen them. The rest have cover that is a good few minutes out.

Do you supoort this style of spawn only with naval or do you want to this in air/ground too?

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No, they do not.

That’s a bit of silly question isn’t it?

Would you like to see tanks starting on the runway, having to take off and climb to get to battle?

Stop thinking your ship is a tank, it’s a ship.

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Style of spawn.
Example: top tier aircraft spawn in at high alt close togather and within missle lock range of the enemy aircraft.

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City does that, and also yes, that sounds awesome.

I’m going to be extremely clear for you, I know EXACTLY how many volleys the Admiral Hipper with an ace crew can fire at a target from spawn until they get in cover on all of those maps that have LOS above: 2 for a destroyer and 3 for a cruiser. That’s 24 and 36 seconds respectively, and yes, they are all the same. I also know no cruiser is going to one shot you in the Kurama from the 13~15km range to spawn on all of those maps at 5.0-7.0 unless they get really lucky and you make a mistake (like exposing your rear magazine).

A Scharnhorst or any of the 7.0 Japanese BBs will also absolutely eat you alive if they see you and decided to pay attention to you and no cover will save you from that.

Learn to manouever and avoid enemy fire and you will last a bit longer.

Thats all i needed to hear. We will not have common ground it seems. I want the first spawn in the spawn zone in a pvp game to not be instantly hostile and you do.

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Well duh.
You want the game to be easier, have no learning curve and be far far more boring because you have a ship you don’t know how to sail.

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And now you are putting words into my mouth.

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