Naval aircraft game mode?

Anyone think there should be a realistic battle game mode for naval aircraft only? There can be ships as bomb targets and new objectives like bombing convoys, and aircraft can disappear after carrier landing to let others land as well, then respawn 1 by 1 in a queue.


I think it’d be a bit too niche, otherwise you’d have Bomber or Attacker Only mode as well. Granted, currently, the classification of it being a Naval aircraft gives you no perks outside carrier spawn (which is questionable if it’s better than the air spawn everyone else has), but I’m not sure what more you could do. (You could say they are the only planes allowed into Naval matches but I highly doubt players will like that.)

it wouldn’t be fun because more player love to play in a fighter and fight against all type of aircraft that are player controlled than to bring torpedo to battle only to destroy ships and other naval aircraft

It would be cool, but the best solution would probably be to remove the silly faction locks on Pacific maps (they only come up with US/JP or US+UK/JP teams) so they’re actually playable, and add lineups (not respawns) to Air RB so you can keep naval/torp planes on hand in case you get lucky with a sea map.

There are several maps that are like that. “Midway” and one other I can’t recall. Both come up rarely, and usually only when you are spawning Japanese or US Navy.
Also “Malta” has ship targets, even a mission objective (“fireboats”) that can determine win/loss.

This is far too specific of a game mode.

However, the game play you’re talking about could be had if Gaijin would add a separate Air RB EC mode with carriers and naval objectives added as well. Similar to Sim EC.

This way everyone could play this longer form match with realistic controls and views.

Thats essentially air sim. Many maps have Carriers and naval targets to attack. Just need an RB EC version which could be a direct C&P but RB controls and youd get exactly that.

Could easily add some more maps

IDK about a “bomber only” mode but a specific Bomber mission mode should be implemented and would be great fun.

Either something like the bomber escort event from a few months ago or a reversed setup of the Air Assault mode.

Also I think an open water Naval air battle would be nice - Wake Island comes to mind (just set it up like BF2 did, an aircraft carrier and fleet attacking the island).

Also I’d like to see that across all modes (Arcade/RealisticSim)

Just add naval areas to maps, and make maps bigger, so like a Air RB/EC mode ig.

There used to be maps like this in Air RB. Carrier landing, ship AI targets, etc. It was kino with Jap and US ww2 airplanes.

Also filtered players from Air RB because they couldnt land in carrier lol

Those solutions are favorable, yeah. I only brought it up because the OP wants a specific game mode for naval aircraft, which performs pretty much more or less like normal fighters, so I was bringing up other possible potential splits should this idea go through.

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While it would be extremely fun and I’d play such a mode to death, I can’t see it every becoming a thing. There’s simply too few aircraft for each BR range. Some nations don’t even have naval aircraft.

It’d be better to just make it as a map in ARB that you can at least hope to be lucky enough to get.