Naval aircraft becoming useless

There isn’t much use for naval aircraft since most air rb maps are on land, and when one uses them in naval battles,(correct me if I’m wrong) the research goes to coastal or blue water fleet vehicles.

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It’s mainly due to how small the maps are. Also, the limitation on the aircraft allowed as many of the ships in the game are use naval float planes they likely never had.

While I am no way the greatest player I can still see issues easily for certain things & I see a problem with naval aircraft somewhat.

One issues for AF is map size has shrunken several times over the years & naval related targets have been reduced from nearly nothing except a few maps, Add in the time is only 25 minutes so a fighter aircraft cannot really get to it’s optimum combat alts like they used to be able to long ago, If we had EC than it would be much better but that’s a pipe dream for RB.

While you can used them in NF they act like any aircraft since their starting spawn is 1000 metres alt at 5km dis & naval AA be it player or bot is far more dangerous than any AA found in AF, Even than aircraft branch means nothing as you’ll see more AF aircraft over AAF aircraft if fighting the US in GF so a naval aircraft means nothing to NF.

Also AP bombs are pointless most times for the mode since they’re finicky at best so you might as well just use HE bombs against shipping.

Also all aircraft research like any mode goes to aircraft only so that isn’t a reason to used them in NF.

Acronyms used:

• AF, Aerial/Air/Aviation Force

• NF, Naval/Navy Force

• GF, Ground Force

• AF, Air Force

• AAF, Army Air Force

• US, makes sense

• EC, makes sense

Well… it’s not clear if your concerns are in respect of all planes available in naval or the scouting planes available on some cruisers.

In the first case I have to disagree… Planes could play a key role in naval warfare, just like ground RB their support is invaluable, specially if the objective is to sink convoy ships.

In the second case, well… I see lots of people using scouting planes to cap point and nothing more…

RP gained with planes goes to air research tree

What I find rediculous for UK naval planes, where are the torpedoes??? I have rank 3 german planes and rank 4 British planes. Where do I get any torpedos from??? It’s totally stupid, especially when you come across a challenge where you NEED them.

Its why I bought the Wyvern. I wanted a Torpedo/dive bomber and its Britains only decent one of either.

Yeah, we need more naval maps in ARB. Carrier Take-off/Landing is great fun in ASB, but its just been forgotten in ARB. I was expecting more Carrier maps when they added the F-14 and then nothing.

Also adding more naval style maps to ARB could mean we get things like Anti-Ship missiles on more aircraft

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Pretty sure all activity with aircraft contributes to aircraft research, not ship/boat research - not sure about catapult planes, but would expect that to do so too.

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BTD, my beloved.

Size of maps are a major player, really only useful in the Simulator maps with aircraft carriers, like Denmark.


Yes, I somehow survived… that, though couldnt repair

speaking of which, make sure to take off quickly after succesfully landing. You never know who is about to come drop bombs on the carrier

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Yeah, seen that happen a few times before.

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I always keep a floatie in my naval lineups for the occasional time when I can to go steal a cap no one is guarding.
Scout planes have been rendered pretty much useless when Gaijin disabled AI main batteries and the plane autopilot just crashes if you go back to the ship to fire the guns… Classic Gaijin.

Swordfish Mk I
Beaufighter Mk VIc

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Like I said - I am UK Rank “4”. Battlepass challenges require rank 3 upwards so going down ranks is a no no.

The only Tech tree Tier III torpedo bombers worth playing are the French SB2C and the Japanese B7A2 although Imo both are better used as conventional bombers. The other options are either lower tier, large and vulnerable multi-engine types, or sit at higher BRs where AA makes torpedo attacks a suicide game.

They basically got a hard nerf when the F6F-5 and Firebrand got moved TIII > TII. I used to enjoy the challenge when it came up on dailies, now I just gamble for a different task.

I don’t quite understand why Air AB has no many differing game modes throughout the battle ratings, but Air RB gets like 2 or 3 different games modes throughout the battle ratings. If they would just add those to the Air RB rotation, it would make things much more interesting.

I think you’ve gotten some acronyms wrong, but I think to answer your point. Yeah, they really do need to add some greater diversity throughout the BRs

I did indeed make an error with the acronyms. I corrected it so it would make sense. I’m recovering from surgery I had today, and apparently not in the most sound mind for making replies.

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Would work in NRB.
I didnt notice topic tag. Sorry.

Anyway. What BP challenge you are talking about? I see none with using planes with torpedoes.