Namer RCWS-30. Heavy weight APC

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caid’s suggestion #84

I would like to suggest an interesting tank, that is rather heavy but would play like a light tank, the Namer RCWS-30


The Namer RCWS-30 was an IFV put into competition with the Namer IFV. The main difference has been the turret offers a lightweight remote control version. the Samson Mk 1 RCWS-30 by Rafael. the turret being remotely controlled offers a fast transverse, good accuracy, high protection for the crew, better urban combat capacity and a lower profile. on top of this, it was much lighter than the Turret used on the Namer IFV. The Namer based on the Merkava Mk.4 offer a high protection level and good mobility, the tank has a high power/weight ratio which makes it capable of accelerating quickly, have a reverse transmission which increases a lot his mobility while offering good protection for the crew. this is nothing less than an APC that has the protection level of an MBT.

the purpose of this vehicle was to provide firepower to the infantry when the MBT wasn’t around. the tank was capable to carry troops and engage in urban combat as well as fighting other armoured targets. however, the decision was made to not put this tank into service. the trial was done rather recently. assumed to be in 2017.



the main armament is dual. the primary armament is the 30mm Mk.44 Bushmaster II which is a powerful auto-cannon capable of saving you from difficult situations. The 2nd main armament is the Spike Missiles which can deal with armoured targets. those missiles are a type of “fire-and-forget” but require to first lock on the targets. once the target is locked, you fire the missiles and it hits the targets or at least will if everything goes well. after you fire the missiles, you can drive away without waiting or engaging other targets. the missiles will fly on their own. but depending on the models of missiles, it will take some time to lock on the targets, you cannot just arrive on the battlefield and fire your missiles right away. a bit like the jets, you will need to first aim at the targets for a few seconds. which will cause the targets to have a good chance to spot you (even more if it has an LWS) and destroy you even before you fire. 2 missiles are ready to fire, and probably a few more are stored inside the tank (4 would be good). the turret is remotely controlled and stabilized on Line-of-sight. on top of being (assumedly) pretty fast, it would be capable of engaging medium armour with efficiency. the elevation being -20°/+60° allows the players to fight in all environments and event-engaged aircraft once in a while. the gun has 200 rounds ready to use stored on the right side of the turret in the ammo box. The gun is dual feed making it capable of switching from an anti-tank round to a high explosive one intentionally. the turret has redundancy control making the Commander and Gunner have full control of the turret. a coaxial 7.62mm is naturally placed on the turret. with 460 rounds ready to use

For those that didn’t like to read the full text, here is a resume of the good feature

  • Dual control (Commander & gunner)
  • Dual feed (two belts are feeding the gun for a total of 200 rounds)
  • Stabilized
  • Night vision
  • High elevation
  • fast rotation
  • fire-and-forget ATGM launcher (need to first lock on targets)


the mobility would be good. only the exact weight is unknown. The Namer was said to be about 63.5,000 kg. so we will start with 50.000 kg. the turret weight is 1,400 kg combat loaded which led us to believe the approximate weight is 51.400 kg. which is heavy for an APC but that tank is known to be heavy. the tank is powered by a Continental AVDS-1790-9AR diesel offering 1200 hp which is like his weight, a lot of an APC. this would greatly make up for the heavyweight and give the APC a pretty high power/weight ratio and good mobility. the running gear is the same as the Merkava Mk.4 which allows us to assume it has the same transmission which allows us to believe it has the reverse transmission making it as fast when it goes backward than forward.


the Namer is considered to be the most well-protected APC. The protection level is the one of a modern MBT. based on the Merkava Mk.4 hull, it was a simple taller version of it and without the turret. this allows the tank to have high protection, composite armour and space to carry 9 infantrymen with a 3-man crew. the heavily sloped hull makes the ricochet pretty common and increase the efficiency of the armour. while been by itself thick enough to take auto-cannon fire, it also features composite armour to make it capable of taking the hit of an MBT. And just in case the armour wasn’t enough, the tank also had all the mechanical parts on the front to increase the crew’s protection. and in the case, there is still a chance it wouldn’t be enough, there is an additional internal plate to protect the crew. Technically, only the most powerful 120mm APFSDS could penetrate it on the frontal arc. this is an outstanding protection level for an APC. The turret armour would be a lot less effective. but if it’s a remote turret, it would not matter. The tank also features a laser warning system and a Hunter-killer system

for those who didn’t like to read the full text, here is a resume of the good feature

  • Remote turret
  • Composite armour
  • Spaced armour
  • Crew of 3
  • Laser Warning System




Spike ATGM


Yea please I’m sick of having nothing but MBT’s in my Israeli lineups lol

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then would you like an IFV with the mobility and protection of an MBT instant?

it’s funny to know how close those IFV are to the MBT.

but I also have suggested a selection of IFV build on the base of M113, it’s pending and if I allow the moderators to catch up, it should be approved soon. I kind of went in eager to make suggestions and there is still 35 pending despite those recently approved.

Light tank line for these things is highly needed. Major +1
Hopefully the hull armor on the merks gets buffed before we gets this thing, would hate to see it be running around as a cardboard box.

nothing feels as good as a 64.9 tonnes light tank


Ifvs fit in the light tank line pretty well imo, even with the weight some have I think they’re fine being classed as either light tanks or tank destroyers for what they are.

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It looks like a Marder with more side sloping and a crewless gun on top.
Then again many IFVs look similar, i suppose its designe after functionality.

The best armor in the world! +1

+1, though I much prefer the winning Namer IFV. With the two being essentially identical in performance, and with the Eitan and Achzarit RCWS-30 also being similarly capable I don’t see a place for this in the tech tree. Could be a premium, squadron, or event though.

I just want an IFV for isreal already



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They need to add the Eitan 8x8 first since its a production vehicle.

Its based on the Centurion or T-55 hull so its twice the mass/size of a Marder. The problem is that most of them only have MGs. Heavy armor, no firepower.

im pretty sure namer is based on the merk 4 hull, since its literally using it

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U’r right. I get all those HAPCs mixed up.

Sounds like this is the variant listed in the Leak List for the upcoming update.
Probably saving the Namer IFV with Trophy for a later addition…still this (RCWS-30 version) is going to be one hell of an addition if it comes to the game soon. This will be a fantastic addition with probably just as strong as performance as the one I listed below since the Spike Launcher’s are at ~0 degrees, allowing easier use of the Spike missiles, and the fantastic 30mm.

Namer IFV w/ Trophy Image for Reference

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Yeah this is the one they’re talking about. I was saying the trophy one will probably come at a later time since it’s the top IFV and this is the one to come this update.

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Can’t wait for massive ifv that has paper armor… yayy…

Gaijoob plez fix merks armor (especially hull armor)

Edit: in all seriousness, this will be a much welcome addition to my lineups, and the 30mm is gonna be hella fun & very nice to use. Spikes are spikes tho, but at least they got long range capability so that’s nice. Still wanting the big boi Namer IFV tho (even with its apparently armor as well)

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Isn’t there an actual turreted version?

That being said, nice suggestion.

Looking at the official sources, the range seems to be slightly greater for Spike-SR variant, of up to 2km range:

The same ranges are mentioned on Rafael and Eurospike producer open public dataspecs as well.