Namer RCWS-30. Heavy weight APC

Which Spike does this suggestion have?

There are 2 of them: “Spike-SR” to which I have provided official links and the “NT-Spike”, but for this one I found no reference (could be perhaps another name for Spike-MR, Spike-LR or Spike-NLOS variants).

Edit: just found a reference on NT-Spike minutes after I responded to this post: “Israel’s NT Spike is a family of related antitank missiles sharing common sub-systems that was first unveiled in 1997. The family consists of the Spike MR (formerly NT-G Gill) man-portable ATGM, the Spike LR (formerly NT-S Spike) medium range ATGM, the Spike ER (formerly NT-D Dandy) helicopter launched ATGM, and the long-range Spike-NLOS. The missiles use common seeker technology. The Spike MR and LR are essentially the same, except that the Spike LR has a secondary fiber optic guidance option which enables it to be used against targets out to four kilometers. The Spike ER also has a secondary fiber optic guidance channel which allows for a “fire-and-correct” guidance capability. In 2009, Rafael announced the new Spike NLOS version which uses a substantially larger fuselage and engine to push its range out to 25 km. Rafael has also debuted a very small version called Mini-Spike in 2012.”
Link to source:

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So you’re saying that the suggestion vehicle Spikes are better? Because the actual turreted version has Spike MR

At least related to range, yes.


Looks like it may be coming

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We made it, finally Israel gets its IFV. And we have much more yet to be added. Though I’m wondering where did Gaijin get the “Namer 30” from, this vehicle was never called like that. It’s the same like with “TCM-20”, that actually should be “Zachlad TCM-20”.


2 Spikes only? That’s honestly a bit disappointing. At least more. I know it is not complete but I would love like at least 6 or 8!

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The one they showed on stream is a work in progress so I assume the armor and number of spikes will be changed by the time it makes it to the live server, I’m excited for it

I really hope it’s unfinished, cause I’m gonna riot if I see 50mm armor protection on a damn 60+ ton IFV.


You know what they say, “it’s all subject to change”

Yes, I get that, but I don’t think you realize how many times the community has waited for change, and it never occurs.

I’ve been waiting over 2 years for them to fix the acknowledged Merkava armor bug.

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It also has to do with the fact that several times Gaijin has left things in an unfinished state. Worried because I want the Namer to finally be able to provide a playstyle change for Israel. But it won’t be able to provide that difference if the vehicle itself is bad or mediocre.

Perhaps it time to flood the report with “I have the same issue” and recruit as many people as possible so they prioritize it.

Yeah, I mean I’d like to give it some time but also not bringing it to gaijins attention might just make them so they leave it as it is…

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Bug report site exists for a reason!

Here’s the issue, it being a prototype it is incredibly difficult to find anything. It didn’t enter service so numbers for the amount of spikes and such it carries is… Pretty much non-existent and would have to be assumed or guessed somehow. I can’t bug report “Namer has 2 spikes only” with no source - the source doesn’t exist as again, it’s a prototype that never went in to service.

However, just because the source doesn’t exist doesn’t mean that we can’t assume the performance on it. It looks like there’s plenty of space for it to carry SPIKE but I won’t be able to put that in to a bug report. It’s technically not a bug or inaccuracy…

What we have on the dev server. Is amount of ammunition RCWS-30 turret can carry on one load (2 Spike, 200 30mm and 460 7.62mm). As you said due to the fact of it being a prototype/proof-of-concept for Namer IFV program, there is no source on its performance (including the amount of spare ammunition). So when it comes to solving this issue it just guessing and guessing. Hence Gaijin can use this disadvantage as a lever for “balancing” this vehicle.

But that’s what the BR system is. Increase it’s performance and it’ll go up in br. Yes it’s a hulldown system but it’s not the last hulldown system and not the first. Gaijin should prefer that it’ll finally provide variety over “its hulldown and can engage stuff with spikes, can’t give it more than 2 spikes”.

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