My war thunder is not warthundering

my game is not awarding me the full amount of rp and i am rlly confused

thanks to anyone who could figure this out

You’re researching a rank 7 aircraft with a rank 5. I believe a rank 5 premium can research 1 through 6 without a penalty but a penalty is applied at 7 and even more of a penalty at 8. Non premiums i believe have max efficiency at + or - 1 rank only. So a rank 5 tech tree plane would have max efficiency researching ranks 4 to 6.

Warthunder’s wiki has the actual math associated with research penalties.

Thats why it’s not letting you research as much.

If you want max efficiency, start using and spading the plane right before the Mig-21mf - i believe its the Mig-19S. Itll give you a 10% bonus to vehicle research rp. Otherwise use a rank 6+ plane to avoid a big penalty.


Like the gentleman said before. You’re not using the right rank vehicle. A standard tech tree vehicle can only research one rank above and one rank below it effectively. Otherwise it is assessed a penalty for research. A premium vehicle can research one rank above and all ranks below that specific premium. I hope this helps.


As others have explained, there’s a research penalty for researching between different ranks that is outlined here.

thanks for the awnser its just a bit of a pain bc i have to buy the f86k now and grind to aim 9bs now lol

The f86k is in a really rough spot. If you have the tree researched, the G91R3 is pretty good and is in rank 6 for some reason. The Lim5P is also decent but its at 9.0 so you will encounter su25’s once in a while.

Once you get the Mig21mf, it is a great aircraft. One of my favorite 10.3’s so you’re almost there.

thanks i tried using he f86 and i was making less than want i was making in my r4 so ive just activated some prenium time and sucked it up

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