My money is being wasted by 1 death leavers

At this point im just tired of this and cant understand why its still allowed, i spend time and money to get to high tier and with multiple premiums owned and full lineups acrossed many nations I cannot get a good match at 9.0+.
As a player with hundreds of in game hours and money into tech trees I really want to know why im so undervalued that gaijin is choosing not to care about my quality of game play.
Solution here could be extremely simple, maybe a 1 life TDM with no air for people who dont have lineups.
I just respawned at 9.0 with china a second time into normandy, get spawn sniped in 20 seconds and look at the board to see an empty match in less than 3 minutes, gaijin please stop this and allow me the pleasure of actually enjoying this game.
This is not a hot take, this view is not unique to me and here we are, why?


I have said many times that this will be the case. The “repair” of the economy means that now everyone doesn’t care about the repair costs, they go and die stupidly. The entire gameplay has gone completely crazy, the level of gameplay is embarrassingly low in terms of “general”.

If none of you care about “KD”, how are you going to achieve any interesting games when you all mindlessly “in” forward and you die.

And looking at your stats, I see that you also don’t respect the machines you play, you play mindlessly and you’re upset that others also play like that. You have created such a “paradise” for yourself.

Maybe look for a squadron, someone you can play with and learn anything other than “w” forward


Play Air RB - everyone is a 1-death leaver!


Im honestly not too sure what your point here is, you are agreeing but saying that im part of the problem?
Im genuinely confused by this and it seems more like you are interesting in telling me im not great at the game, which isnt news to me but how does me not having an impressive KD make me part of this problem?
Just because i paid for a premium that i didnt know how to use well does not mean that i dont care about the quality of the game.


He’s just dismissing the issue and making out that it’s to do with Gaijin.

The ODLs used to coin the repair costs as a big reason, which was always a load of nonsense as it comes back to the map, the match start, the nations they face, whether or not they are upteired or if they even don’t see the team doing anything for them.

The fact they need to check your stats shows they’re not being genuine.

Get more assists as they are worth more than kills.


Obviously you don’t understand that K/D doesn’t actually matter in modes where you can spawn multiple times. That’s quite unfortunate…


I mean its clear ive contributed a bit the the WMA and ill eat that because its true, but as far as other premiums you can see that i use them in lineups, take the blackcat and jumbo for example.
I actually have had things like the 2S38 for months and hated using it with backups, i have the bmp 2m now and run it with that and a 8.0 heli and the t64a/b so i am trying lol.

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Nah, you’re good.

When I’m in matches I call on people to play to respawn and keep going, calling to attack the D point and leading for landing, follow me and the rest.

If you don’t ‘spam’ it but actually use it, people will pick up on it and some will try.

There are a lot of players who can’t handle playing this game, and the ODLs I reckon are commonly those. I just try get the rest of the players hyped up and focused ;)

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ODL is a result of Gaijin’s sales of premium vehicles.

They do not offer lineups for sale, they offer one vehicle. While premium vehicles are sold this way ODL will be allowed and encouraged.

Be happy they’ve finally changed the economy to support multiple respawns.

Any ‘reason’ whatsoever is the mantra of the aggrieved…

Psst. KD doesn’t mean anything.
Look at it this way the 1 death leavers make for shorter games , which means more games per unit time that give you an even probability of winning and so more chances of earning more. Esp. if you are on premium time.

I think this tactic, is over simplified because I don’t think you really do make more, by spamming matches compared to actually playing the match out and genuinely winning by doing more.

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I meant more the grown ups who stick around and play the game. The 1 and quitters make GRB games more like ARB games. The lobby empties out leaving just a few left after the initial bloodbath.

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Yea, but that means less meatshields that we get to hide behind ;)

Squading is the real answer, and roping your squad in to actually keep to the plan and the main goal to secure that win.

Also the other side of it though, is why do the ODLs not use a backup on thier premium vehicle if that’s all they’re going to run. 2 spawns for one repair cost, and it’s a premium boosted vehicle.

Cause a lot of them are bots and cheaters who don’t are about the game outcome.

A lot of speculation there… They could just be the misguided mass that think that running one vehicle, one and doning it is the way they’ve been told to do it, under that same misguided approach that has no care for the team in a team based game where they could easily win, but they aren’t interested because the next map is beckoning…

I’ve a games where I spawn 5-6 times, if there’s lots of CAS around since my lineup has 2 spaa and 1 jet in 6 slots. ANd 4 times if there aren’t any. That is if the game is close. And more if I use my backups which I often do

Since I’m very average player, and with amount of deaths that I’m having, it would be next to impossible for me to keep positive overall K/D.

So according to you, I should play super carefully, and use only single spawn, since that’s the only way for me to get positive K/D

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ODL is mainly caused by gaijin, there are too many things done wrong in the game to encourage you to play, how are you going to get another tank when the game literally kills you because when you shoot, your bullet bounces due to bad programming, or you You drill and kill only one crew member, then there are situations in which you lose a tank at some point on the map and you realize that the enemy has already reached areas of the map where you can no longer do anything, because as the maps are increasingly smaller, they are so poorly made, and even on top of that the enemy knows exactly where you are coming from, you just take out another tank to advance 200 meters and die again.

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I don’t even see what the K/D arguments is doing here.
KD depends a lot on the teams you’re having and the vehicles you’re playing so that’s not relevant.


This is an interesting discussion.

Well, from the way you describe it, this was fully avoidable by changing the order of your steps. So that one is on you really. There was no need to do it this way.

Oh come on. As others have pointed out already, ODL is more a matter of player character. All these previous “reasons” are of the “it is someone elses fault” type. Remove the reason, people still ODL and bring up the next fake reason. There are plenty people who ODL with non-premium vehicles too, so there goes that one.