MY Issues With The Game:

MY Issues With The Game:

Research Points and Crew Experience accrual is WAY too low (or they cost too much, etc)

  • You should gain about 50 times more RP and Crew XP than you currently do
    Basis for claim/problem: I have played Over 5,000 hours and i still have about 15 tanks in Each nation to research, which is Beyond Absurd and Completely Unacceptable… I/we should have ALL vehicles from a certain tree (air,ground,ships) Fully completed at or Before 2,000 hours… which even that is a bit absurd
    Crew XP, again, i have over 5,000 hours in game, and my Highest Crew level is 46… out of level 150… which… again… should not be a thing… i should have ALL crew slots maxed out, or near level 150, but im not even a third of the way there…
  • yes all these things have factors that hinder or … cause issues (amount of crew slots available and used, and what game mode… ect) but no… this should NOT be a thing… where it is an issue. We need GREATLY increased Crew XP gain/accrual and GREATLY increased Research points.

CAS/Planes (specifically in Ground RB) are simply WAY too over powered in the game. They cost WAY too little to Spawn and deal Way too much damage with their bombs/guns/rockets, etc. And then they also tank/absorb Way too much damage as well. (and for all you annoying “stat” slaves, its a LOT more than just their KDA that they effect/influence)

So the fixes are:
Increase their Spawn points, by at least Twice/Double as much, and can argue for even more.

Nerf their damage.
They should Not be killing moderately and heavily armored tanks Nearly as efficiently/powerfully. It should be Much more common for them to blow up tracks and other Minor damage to ground vehicles, and NOT significant damage or killing them… with ALL ordinance. Bombs, guns, rockets, etc

There are other issues, but if their Spawn Points are actually Adequately expensive, it resolves most issues, since 1, people cant go out into the battlefield, sneeze and then have enough SP to spawn a plane. And then if they die in the plane, they most likely have to leave or can Maybe spawn a SPAA/cheap vehicle… effectively taking them out of the game… but then it is Fair and they actually have a penalty, as well as actually working to earn an Over powered/strong spawn. (it would also quite severely limit Revenge Bombing… which is a cowards tactic and a Pathetic thing to do [only exception being when there is like a close game and few players left, and its just… happens… ] )
(also another disclaimer, this is Mostly a problem from about 3.0 and above planes… but even some of the lower BR planes are an issue, but they are mostly balanced and not blatantly/absurdly Over Powered/strong.)
*** - see bottom for key/legend

Minor Issues:

Then besides those 2, the issues are pretty minor… 1 being that they should Remove Crew train SL cost… We should be able to move our vehicles wherever we want, Whenever we want, without paying a stupid SL fee (and its Pretty costly… for no reason… ) This is made even worse and Much more of an issue, when you factor in that they are Constantly changing the BR of vehicles and nuking lineups, so we have to change vehicles around.

They are also ruining the game by removing sniping spots and making maps Way too small (and then decent sized maps they are cutting huge chunks out of… with red areas… and whoever proposed the idea And the people who said yes and implimented it… are Complete idiots.) I get it… the struggle of people wanting to keep people who want small maps and the people who want long range maps, is tricky… But the solution isnt making Small(er) maps and removing sniping spots… THE solutions are to make medium to Large maps and then having all 3 options available. Some maps already do this where A is pretty level and open meaning Sniping/long range, and then B is a town, where you can brawl, meaning Close range… and then C is kinda both. That is the solution, So stop making maps smaller and gutting maps, its extremely stupid and annoying and looks Tacky AF.

*** = You are entitled to disagree with me, but you are simply wrong, if you do. (can argue Slight tweaks of changes/disagreements, but Strongly disagreeing is simply not an option to do and be Accurate while doing it)


Agree with most of it, some of it doesn’t bother me. But sure I’m in.

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Because your post was an even bigger waste of time and I managed to point it out without the name calling.

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You are completely wrong and I am completely right saying you are completely wrong.

You analysis is completely inaccurate.

And if you disagree with me that just shows how wrong you are.

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This is troll thread right? Cause there’s no way this can be legitimate.


1- 50x 8000 average ground match with premium = 400,000 RP. Short answer: No.
Top CAS- Yes, it’s OP, the solution is AI overhaul and new SPAA systems, it’s likely being worked on.
They cost a lot and can’t take a lot of hits. CAS from 1.0 - 6.7 is balanced perfectly with the anti-air.
Radar SPAA from 7.7 - 10.0 is rather effective as well.
Top end is where new SPAA is necessary.

Damage cannot be nerfed without historical documents proving the ordnance is over-performing.

All I can say is avoid playing top BRs until new SPAA is introduced if you feel the onion layers aren’t enough to prevent you from being killed by CAS, and CAS upsets you that much. Play 6.7 and less where CAS is balanced.


Your opinions aren’t fact.

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Filling SPAA gaps at lower BRs in trees should also be done. Before radar, CAS is much stronger than SPAA in my opinion, because it can easily dodge any SPAA, and easily kill any SPAA.


Anything that brings more SPAA to the trees is good in my book.


Right… CAS is stronger than… everything… and counters everything (including itself), which is a big reason why it is so OP

CAS is OP because of how little effort it takes to spawn in one .
(Even as a CAS enjoyer i can acknowledge that)

But all i see is people wanting aircraft spawn points to be doubled and variable sp cost for munitions. (2nd part is good). But why not reduce the sp scouting reduces on an aircraft or what you get from capping (sp).
even tho this would cause the below average player to struggle to use 3 vehicles in a match, i would say it's a fair trade with how many people strongly oppose CAS.

Thing is, by everyone saying it’s too hard, and saying SPAA is useless, CAS are left to run wild and untended will destroy your team.

No-one is spawning SPAA half the time, and there’s little opposition from anyone as to who’s airborne against those who are airborne.

We’ve got that air callout, yet even that is hardly used at times.

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well, right now its WAY too easy to spawn CAS, and then if youre halfway good at planes, you can kill/cause the deaths of 3 to 10 other ground forces…its absurd.

It needs to be WAY more expensive to spawn a plane that can influence So much on the battlefield.

Anyone with Any integrity or half a brain Knows that CAS is simply Way too over powered, and a big part of that is that they cost way too little to spawn