Must have premiums

To not miss something interesting when there are sales.

Please share your favorite premiums.

K9 vidar, easy money maker
If you get used to it, its a beast
but idk there will be any discount tho

Anyway, it’s not 1128 or xm1 :(

European Canadian made a video series for autumn sale, I recommend to check that one.

Here is the link that contains videos covering premium vehicles for each nation

There are plenty of hidden features in some premiums that make them unique.
Most youtubers don’t focus on that but on kills and winrate.

Hugarian BF 110 ,American Marines Corsair and the Premium Do at 5.7 all for CAS GRB

I lasted around 5 minutes.

Dude is definition of boring


T14 USA. - 4.7. Tank- great vehicle if you do not have already.

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Well, just get the SAV 20.12.48 through the quiz sale. Honestly none of the other offerings compare in that quiz sale

kv-zis -6 is good. plus the Zwilling twin 109.
unique. good price.

They simply do not compare. Sure, those are unique, but in terms of sheer capability they fall far short of the SAV

By what?

kv has long barrel zis-6 gun and the zwilling is a twin bf-109!

What does kv 2 and messer have to do with it if I’m talking about armata (t14)?

Presuming you meant to quote me:

SAV 20.12.48 has a 120mm autoloading cannon with a 1.2 second reload at 3.7

I dont see how those compare to that in sheer capability

Why are you talking about Armata when we talk about War Thunder?

T14 - War Thunder Wiki

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sorry, i got distracted!
t14 has great armour and survivability and fairly reliable gun, mounted .50 etc and gives nice reward in both sl and rp.
having apcr in your ammo selection is necessary.

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Well i have it. It’s one of those “special” vehicles that can spare you lot of time when doing daily tasks.
But each time i feel dirty after using it.

I can add the british Hellcat with his sweet BR.

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Like what?