Must have premiums

Battle rating/rank, proxy fuse rockets, insane autoloaders, battle rating/thermals …

I just randomly picked one video from TEC that was linked up there and he is talking about these things.

So you are either zoomer who cant sit through 10 minute video or you dont know what you want to know.

Well, i can sit through 5 hour videos. Not sure id make it 10 minutes in a TEC video.

But as far as the OP is concerned. The go-to pick to not miss this sale is the SAV 20.12.48. KV-2 Zis-6 and Bf-109Z are interesting offcourse, but there are similar enough vehicles allready in game.

Are not those vehicles obtainable only thought Christmas chests?

He spends absolutely zero effort on the videos as well. 80% of the video is usually “Have access to”, “around the place”, and “Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well” as he attempts to improv 5 minutes of content out of the 79th copy/paste T-54 variant the snail has put out this year.

Its on the quiz sale as previously mentioned. Which is currently ongoing

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Aaaah, thank you very much i didn’t know the quiz unlock the packs!

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So i don’t have those packs:

  1. KV-2 Zis 6
  2. Sabre Skyblazers
  3. Huey Hog
  4. Hind

Maybe i ll go for the KV-2. Are the others worth the money?