Multiple Aircraft spawns

When is something going to be done about the multiple plane spam in arcade GFs?
Its getting ridiculous now seeing half the team swan about in the air and doing absolutely nothing to help cap the points.
There should be an option of 3 planes or 3 tanks maybe an option lose one vehicle lose one of each that way nobody gets to play air ace all game

It’s part of the game, and whilst you aren’t happy with players playing what they want to play, you’re also able to play however you want to play…

You being 1/16 of the team, you can make yourself 1/4 of the team by running a full squad.

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that is true but its still annoying having half the team mainly from air battles just in GF to bomb tanks and do nothing to help win

Well at least they will time out and be forced to get back into a tank. In GRB you often find games lost because one side is all flying around uselessly in planes with no ordinance and not enough spawn pts. to J-out and take the caps.


For something to change, we need enough numbers of votes and comments on some suggestions that gaijin will accept for suggestion mods to finally pass them to devs. And then waiting if it is acceptable.

Otherwise we’d need to have numbers similar to when review bombing happened, but I don’t think that AB players are as vocal in the community to take part because RB players are alienating AB players whenever possible, so wishing for grand strike is futile.

Here’s and option to vote for, that I believe might be acceptable by gaijin:

Asking for complete removal of planes is futile until we’d have high numbers bailing out and review bombing, but that’s not happening for AB.

Naval AB plane spawn system has points for planes that is separate from naval units three spawns, so even if you use all your plane spawn points, you still can spawn in a vessel if you have spawns left.

Also in RB it’s harder to fly those planes, to hit them as well from the ground, so I’d expect guys roaming around without doing much should be taken down faster by SPAA or by fighter planes.

The only two problems that I can see with giving players the planes as in naval instead of consecutive air missions is that we will get people that’ll leave right after losing their first aircraft, and we’ll have mass jump onto the planes from the winning side that may make it so they lose the ground quickly.