Multipath in SIM After Update

Thank you for the change flying low no longer saves Packs of F-16 who just fly low & straight to avoid radar missiles without putting in any effort. You actually have to carry chaff now , They R-27 & Aim-54 feels so good right now . - Thank You from a happy sim player

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Is it already present in the SIM? So flying low has no effect any more at all?

I would like this change on AirRB but the problem is that the soviets already have unbalanced radar missiles compared to everyone else, so that would make it even worse, phoenix is easy to dodge without hugging the ground, and far easier to notch too.

I’m wondering the same, i dont recall seeing anything about this in the change log

pretty sure thats why it wasnt added to air rb, since AIM-54’s are way more effective in sim because of their long range catching offguard anyone

OP must be mistaken, Multipath is still in SIM

You can still guess the phoenix position by RWR and see when it starts lagging behind then you are safe

Thankfully so, but only for some RWR’s. The lucky ones :>

Just logged on today and checked, also to check out sensor view in replays. Unfortunately multipathing is still there. Got real hopeful there for a second :(