Mozdok being re-evaluated

Just read this after launching the game:

There’s more than just Mozdok in there of course, but I must confess I’m a little apprehensive. Mozdok #2 is the map where I got two of my three nukes so far, and one of the few maps left where it’s possible to play tank destroyers from long-ish range as intended (if 900m can even be considered long range). I hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate as Jungle.

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Every time they have done that so far they’ve made the map worse or barely any better, simply because they do not listen, they see in their data that Mozdok gets banned a lot so they’re just going to mess with it and not actually figure out what the problem is.
It’s going to return as like North Ossetia that will be the same but different.


They should have done something to Pradesh. That map absolutely sucks.Also large Poland map needs rework as well.

I’m just annoyed that they took out one of the few maps that isn’t street fighting.


There are maps that have destroyed them, for example, on the Alaska map, on the side where the broken bridge is, you can no longer flank it because the timer goes off. If that’s what they put maps in such a way that you can only press the W and this, total each Maybe the maps are smaller and almost force you to go straight on all the time.
Why doesn’t demon gaijin put the SB maps for the RB games? Let them leave the small maps for AB and that’s it.

Modzok was one of the better maps though. And one of the only maps you"d actually commonly get that wasnt just bland city fighting.


I assume if they leave Domination, maybe they’ll just rework the Spawn locations and capture points for the other modes?

There were only two layouts for the map that I would even try and tolerate, otherwise I took the crew lock when any other came up.

Mozdok’s issue is the opposite of a map like Advance to the Rhine, or other CQB maps. On those maps, only lineups who specialize in CQB combat or very quick flanking will do well, while those that specialize in sniping will struggle.

Mozdok is the exact opposite. It’s great for snipers, but god help you if you don’t have a tank that’s useful for sniping. I recently played it as US 5.7 against German 6.3, and you just have so few options available to you. Anywhere you push, you’re going to be staring down a hulldown Tiger/Panther/etc, at long range who you cannot even hope to counter. Once my M36B2 was taken out, all I could do was desperately search for an unprotected flank that would allow me to close the distance, but none exist on that map. The positions the enemies were sniping from were always out of my effective range, and there existed no paths that I could use to close the distance.

There are so many strong positions near spawn that give unparraleled fields of fire over the entire map, and the problem only gets worse the higher you go. Once LRFs become common, I’ve seen entire teams drive three feet out of spawn, see the enemy, find a ridge, and sit there the entire game, plinking away at the enemy team doing the exact same thing on their side of the map. It’s just not good map design to have so many powerful positions close to each team’s spawn, it just makes them borderline uncontestable until the game’s over.

To rework it, all they need to do is change a couple things.

  • Better routes into the map and cap point with good cover to ensure you can actually make it out of spawn late game.
  • Reduce the sightlines available near spawn, and move the sniping positions further into the map
  • Add more cover to the B point. It is currently a Port Novo level suicide rush to get onto that point, and just as suicidal to leave it. There is one building on the entire point that provides useful cover.

We don’t need it to be turned into a CQB map. It just needs somewhere for close ranged tanks to go to be something other than food for snipers.

EDIT: To be clear, I’m talking about this version (Which was the removed one)

Not this version, which was the one they kept.


Sad, I liked this map, though I admit it was frustrating at times being sniped.
I suppose we can assume that it’s also going to become yet another close brawl map, leaving late WW2 German vehicles with no place to have a favorable environment.
Though, maybe not, I’ll see if it’s worthwhile to have it in likes section afterwards.

All I hope for is that the BIG variant stays around for SIM. So many memories on that one…

Well, they swapped A and C for some reason.
And it is amusing that this version confuses the heck out of many players who end up fighting over odd parts of the map.

mozdok was one of my most favourite map

Yeah that one if you’re on the blue flags side is horrible.

I do know there was a time in a previous version of that map where the left blue flag was the only place to spawn, and it was the worst trying to push out. There was open plain on the left, and on the right you either had to push up the stream bed or try and climb the hill to the right, all which could easily be sniped.

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The lower left blue flag is where I got my two Mozdok nukes from.

It’s not that horrible, I’ve done well on it also. That said, most games turn into a spawn camp fest real quick.

Fire arc map needs serious rework.That map is one of the worst map in game.