Move type 81(c) up

I’m pretty sure that makes them the first missile in-game to have a non-round number for their G-load

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I’m pretty sure most do, it’s just not shown on statcards.

French OFL 120 APFSDS were all 3.85kg, though shown as 3.8kg… That pissed people off, but now I believe it’s 4.05kg. I’ll have to check.

Not for (a2a) missile max overload, what’s shown on the stat card is the max overload for that missile

(And checking over a few from each nation shows they have have XX.0 G-pull except for the Igla which currently shows a load factor max of 10.2)

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Or no increase at all because 20g is still mid for 10.3 lol

10.0 is fine

Strela and 2s6 never went up when they got missile buffs. But i know we’ll immediately hear crybaby whining from russians and itll happen to anything western. The second they cant hold W anymore…

Meanwhile any complaining about those 2 systems is called bitching and skill issue because “they were so bad at one point theyre not even great!!”


LAV has no radar either, and stingers absolutely suck in comparison

It has a gun and rockets

They are different vehicle types and have different roles so comparing them doesnt make much sense.

Compare the Type 81 to other SPAA with no radar or guns

its definitely better then the Roland systems at 10.0-10.3, its better but similar amount of cancer to the Strela, its miles better than the stingers on the Ozelot at 9.7, not quite as good as the 11.7 systems like the ADATS, ItO or cancer Pantsir. I’d say 11.0 for it


I mean sure if it can kill low heli with hellfire and vikhr, but it just can’t do that.
It need clear skies to lock helis more than 2.5km, not to mention ka-52 still hard counter if it fly hugging to the ground.

I rather the BR goes up then the missile be nerfed. Plus i use it for top tier already anyway 🤷‍♀️

And Type 81 has the potential upgrade of getting its ARH missiles in the future.


Type 81 is good where it is, it has no radar and the player has to SEE the enemies. In cloudy or night battles, it cannot effectively lock targets far away; hovering helicopters near the ground are outright impossible to lock.

Strela-10M2 should be moved up to 9.7 as it is very similar to the Type 81 (or 10.0 if the Type 81 gets moved to 10.3), other SPAA that perform worse should go down in BR instead.

Unless gaijin implements some form of ground radar station or AWACS that can scan for targets for the Type 81 to shoot down, it shoud stay at 10.0.

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If the Israeli I-Chaparral is 10.3 worthy, I think the Strela ought to be at least 10.0 and the Type 81 at no less than 10.3

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skill issue cas noises

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The Imp. Chaparral is just bad lol, it shouldn’t be 10.3 in the first place. It ISN’T 10.3 worthy and thus the rest of your reply is invalidated.

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lower them, moving up the type81 is buffing CaS, and you can go F… yourself for that.

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The Israeli Chaparral is worse in nearly every regard yet sits at 10.3 lol.

Xdddddd skill issue cas noises

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I too, would like a smokeless motor and 12 missiles.

Moving the 81c to 10.3 or 10.7 is effectively moving it to 11.0. It’s the only ground vehicle Japan has in the 10’s and moving it farther away from the one 9.7 just means no one is gonna play it at .3 or .7, instead opting to bring it to the 11.0 lineup.

12 missiles that you can’t shoot at helis further than 3km away and can’t shoot at planes in side aspect.

US one is even worse