Move type 81(c) up

Simply too strong for 10.0
LAV-AD, Rolands, Stormer are just trash when it comes to fighting cas, and all of them are at the same on even a bit higher br
Move type 81 to 10.7


or move other AA down

Like Ozelot which is on 9.7 which is unjustified


The stormer is next too unplayable if having to play on US or EU server from Australia, I’ve had to resort to using the falcon

It could probably go up a litte.

But it has no gun, no radar and is pretty massive
So comparing it to the LAV for example isn’t really apples to apples


Yes but in exchange it has Undodgable missiles of doom


Strela should go up as well. 9.7 would be better.


The LAV-AD would perform better as SPAA if the Stingers were given their true ∼20g performance.

Depending on how it performs with buffed missiles, I’d even accept a BR increase to 10.3

Wanna talk about the 9.3 Strela?


If it goes up, at best would be 11.0 Br due to Japan having zero/No/nothing/nada line ups in 10.3, 10.7…cant just complain about moving things without considering possible line ups. Gaijin already butchered up Japan Line ups.


It needs be 11.0, better than roland and other SPAA, and the strela 10 needs to 10.0 as well

I really do not agree upping it to 11.0
10.7 maybe but 11.0 is not where it can be competitive

All aircraft at 11.0 or above can easily make this thing useless.
Like AH-64’s hellfire, KA-50’s Vikhr by flying close to the ground it cannot lock them at all. or any plane that can fly super sonic beyond 9km, with laser guided bomb can easily kill it

Is it good? Yes.
Is it THAT good? No.


No. Good SPAA should stay where they are (81/Strela), bad SPAA should be buffed or moved down.


Nah it’s fine where it is .if it makes you cas goobers cope and seeth it’s good enough where it is

9.3 is too low for Strela. It should be 9.7 at least. Chaparral is way worse than strela yet both are at the same BR.

I guess the smokeless motor is just that good lol

Strela’s flare resistance is too good compared to Chaparral’s

10.7 seems reasonable
Stinger is too underpowered compared to real-life

Chap should move down then, not the Strela up. Moving it up would kill the 9.3 lineup.

It will go up next br change. We have not had a br change since the optical tracking was added. That is why it hasnt gone up yet.

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Don’t worry, Iglas only just received a 0.3g buff in turn.

soon Stingers will receive the same!