Move the F-4J(UK) down to 11.0 or give it 9l's

I don’t understand why this thing is 11.3. I have played this game a while and I’m not one to complain about the BR of vehicles very often but this is just insane. For a comparison lets compare the F-4J(UK) to the F-4S which is the exact same BR and a premium.

F-4S has HMD, F-4J(UK) does not
F-4S has the superior Aim-7F missiles, whilst the F-4J(UK) uses the Skyflash missiles which have less range and host the exact same turn rate. (They do pull faster off the rails than the 7f’s however this is not by a large margin)
F-4S has the Aim-9H which I believe has a better track rate, not sure if this is applied within the game however I do notice the 9H performs better, and with HMD it makes them even more deadly than the 9G
F-4S has a better turn rate due to slats
F-4S has better loadout options with more bombs and better rockets

I just don’t understand it, USSR/Russia and Germany get to have the mig23M/MF at a lower BR due to their SLIGHTLY worse loadout options not having the R24, why cant the same be done for the F-4J(UK)? The worst part is Gaijin has said in the past that they know it only used the 9L’s but didn’t implement them due to “balance”. The worst part of all of this is Sweden has the JA37C at 11.0 when it has PD, TWS and almost the exact same loadout with better flight performance and a 30mm cannon. And EVEN WORSE it is the exact same BR as the tornado F.3 which is undeniably better as it gets 4 9L’s AND SUPERTEMPS??? Gaijin literally said they wouldn’t add the 9L due to balancing issues but then add them to a tech tree missile bus at the same BR. And if any of you want to argue that the tornado is worse I will fight you, that thing has reverse thrust, better radar and a devastating cannon.


Wait until you see its Air Sim BR.

The Phantom FGR2 and FG1 are 10.7 (about right for their performance in SB)

The Phantom F4J(UK)… 11.3.

Absolutely no idea why. (Mig-23ML is even 11.0 in SB)

But yeah, why I wont but it, Its just not worth it. It has worse engines than the TT Phantoms but is identical in all other respects

I did notice that but I didn’t bring it up as that is a whole separate issue, 10.0-10.7 SIM is brutal especially with these phantoms and the KFIR with the python 3s

Fair enough. Keeping it to RB.

Yeah, the entirity of the 11.3 BR for Britain makes 0 sense.

Phantom FGR2
Phantom FG1
Phantom F4J
Tornado Gr1
Tornado F3

All at the exact same BR. Is just messy. We need a massive decompression or start moving some stuff around. All 3 phantoms I think need to move down to 11.0. At least for now. Create some seperation between the Phantoms and Tornado F3 and move the Phantoms out of sight of the 12.3s.

Would transform our high Tier situation. In the long run though, we need the 12s to move to 13 and 12.3s to move to 13.3. And then spread everything that is 11-11.7 out a LOT more. Tornado Gr1 (and other IDS) really need to move down too. and the Harrier Gr7 probably shouldnt be as high as it is

(I would also love to see some extra love given to them, having all 3 identical (essentially) is a real shame. FGR2 for example could get AGM-12 Bullpups like we have on the Buc S2)


GR7 I believe is understandable, that thing is an absolute beast in AIR RB and SIM since you brought it up. I don’t believe 13.0 is needed currently, but definitely at least 12.7 to stop mig23s and phantoms from having to fight the newest aircraft with IRCCM missiles whilst still being able to fight against the f16’s and mig29’s without those. But there is no world where the Tornado F3 and F-4J(UK) should be the same BR.

Since the Gr7 got Aim-9M, its back to being quite good, but it was underperforming quite badly with only Aim-9Ls. Probably should have gone down to 11.3 after the 12s were added. The only thing that it really struggles with is the lack of radar (and thus IFF) in SB. If you can VIFF its a beast, if not, it can be hard to use

At a minimum yeah, the 11.3s are virtually unplayable at the moment vs any 12 and especially the 12.3s. So that really needs to be addressed in someway.

But yeah, the entire arguement of “Phantoms cant get 9Ls because it would move up”, and yet the F3 is at 11.3 and barely playable, says quite a lot. Probably one of the worst premium aircraft in game. Its why Ive never bought it and that is a real shame, Had such potential to stand out from the TT phantoms

I fully agree. I think it would be best to move it down to 11.0, rather than give it AIM-9Ls.


I wish we could get this either a Lower BR or at least give it parity with the F-4S (Aim-7F’s or an equivilant)

I Fully agree , i have bought this premium . My friends laugh at me that I did . After I bought it , I was looking for some guides and , what i have found was 15 vidoes on youtube , all of them claiming that is aircraft is junk :((. The plane is hard to play , it would be nice to have missiles as good as the other phantoms . Gaijin Please do something make it a smoking hot premium worth 70 euro :)

Let’s say gajin add AIM-9L on F-4J (UK) in next major update.

Change battle rating (Air AB, Air RB & Air SB) and move to rank 8 ?

No, it doesn’t need BR changes or giving AIM-9Ls.

It is just ridiculous that F-4J(UK) has same BR with F-4EJ ADTW which doesn’t have PD radar/DF sparrows. Also, giving AIM-9L means going up to higher BR just like F-4EJ Kai.

They just need decompress 11.0-12.0BR and reworking multipath for Skyflash.

If multipath has been rework for SARH missiles, F-4J(UK) would be good counterpart of regular F-4J.

Why not? It is clearly not very good or relevant at its BR.

F-4EJ should just be 10.7 currently ( I prefer decompression)

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F-4JUK will always be worse than F-4J as F-4J has better SARH missiles (7F)

As far as I know, Skyflash is hardly affected by multipathing and I have seen in the manual or somewhere that it was usable even if you were flying around 33m.

That is not implemented in game. It is true IRL.

That’s what it needs insterd giving AIM-9Ls or moving down to lower BR.
To begin with, regular F-4J and F-4Junk should not share the same BR as F-4S and FG.1/FGR.2, but as usual, it is simply impossible to move them due to the compressed BR.

Ok, but why would it still be the same BR as the far better FG.1/FGR.2? Or the far better Tornado ADV which would have the same advantage?

IMO FG.1 or FGR.2(also F-4S) should have same BR with F-4EJ Kai with AIM-9Ls and multipathing rework for Skyflash and other SARH missiles that has inverse monopulse seeker.

When they receive it, they can be counterparts to each other like the old 9.0 F-86 (F-2 Sabre, CL-13A Mk.5, F-40 Sabre).

So they’d just be worse versions of the EJ kai? Why? Their engines don’t matter when they’re at gen4 BRs and they have a far worse radar than the EJ Kai. Having their missiles not really able to be multipathed doesn’t make up for that.

It does.
In fact, FG.1/FGR.2 used to function quite well as a legitimate counterpart to the F-4EJ Kai when EJ Kai stucked at AIM-9Ps.

Also better flight models for F-4S.
Some Gen’4 jets being at 11.7 is literally another issues of BR compression.