Move MiG21 SMT to 10.7

apply the same to the tOwOrnado, thanks to it’s variable sweep wing, you can turn it into a tomcat and since it climbs more you will turn tighter than F16A on sim controls! man italia is just too op! Please remove from game.

Yes i answered to his funny reply.

That guy has zero sense and proper information on many vehicles.

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he won’t think mig21 smt is “the best 10.3” til he gets onto 9.0 and starts wrecking rears. I thought I had bad KB but this guy? wow, 0.78.

literally the best gun, flight performance and missile loadout below rank 8 and you think they fine at 10.3? Do you struggle with them?

Well i stopped taking him seriously for while but claiming Mirage3E can outfight F5C and especially SMT is just madness.

Why it should go to 10.7? to face 11.7 + uptier jets?

Same reason why we got 10.7 planes in the first place.

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because it’s capabe of it. It has the performance, armament and countermeasures to do so. SMT had eight missile pods and R60M’s but I guess gaijin prefers to keep that thing as a bully instead of tuning the water pistol “autokill” mode down, or move it up with r13m1’s and 8 missile pylons.

I’m allegedly “clueless” yet my 3.75:1 KDR in Mirage 3E says otherwise.
SMT might be higher if I played it more after my 2023 skill increase, but IDK. I played an amount of it for Mig-29. Tho that’s the same story with Mig-21MF.

No one said the Mirage 3E can always out-dogfight an SMT.
I said it sometimes can, cause SMT pilots will always over-turn their aircraft, and Mirage 3E requires a higher G-load than SMT to lose the same amount of speed.

Static thrust isn’t the whole story.
Why do you want the SMT to be 10.0 in posts that address me?

Here is spaded one btw.

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ah man… so it’s a Nuh uh 99 percent then. 200kgf more is not so relevant considering Bis is heavier because it has more hardpoints. The stat card values are a hoax. Both say MiG19S and PT have similar values, but the S pulls 15G whole loops without breaking and spanks the f-5c one circle at slow speed while the 19PT can barely reach 13 and snaps it’s wings like an R rated kung fu movie snaps both arms away.

Well funny thing about your so called ‘‘great’’ performance on Mirage3E ends at 10.3 cause as soon as you play higher then anything that sits at 10.3 you just became a average pilot that barely holds 2 k/d ratio in his planes.

Which this only means you can only club clueless premium players and low level players who just got into high tier jet gameplay, as soon as someone comes who has equal or better skill then you, you just becoming average pilot who can barely do anything.

For example i have 6.5 K/D ratio in my J35XS which is plane that sits at 10.7 and sees 9.7-10.7 mm, does that make me one of the best pilot? of course not, im just simply clubbing clueless people at 9.7-10.7mm like you.(also my 35XS stats are much better then you which means i know better according to your claim)

So yes you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes talking about certain vehicles performance, try harder next time.

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here is 10K/D with J35XS :trollface:


i kneel before you our Draken King. Please share you wisdom with us :D

Yeah, kills per battle as long as it’s one or higher means I’m pulling my weight.
Above 1 means I’m always pulling above my weight for the TEAM.

F-5E one tapped every Su-25 I came across BTW.

Good thing the topic isn’t 1v1 custom battles.

Thanks for posting one of my takes.

SMT produces 1000kgf less thrust at dogfight speeds to Bis, and MF produces 700kgf less than SMT at dogfight speeds.
There’s a bigger difference in performance from SMT to Bis than MF to SMT, even accounting for different thrust levels in percentage forms.
And if you bring full fuel on all of them, MF & SMT are even closer.

No, it means they’re different playstyles & characteristics.
I do better when not forced into a treetop level playstyle.

But that’s the thing, people of equal skill means they trade kills at a perfect rate of 1:1.
1:1 is the standard, anything above and you’re doing more for yourself. More than 1:1 per battle and you’re doing more for your team than expected of you.

I never had high KDR goals of WT, my only goal was to supply more aid to my team than necessary.
The fact I do more than that expectation is a bonus.

And yes, you likely know how to fly the J35XS far more than I.
I hate the plane, I bought it for utility not cause I like it or its playstyle.

By your own argument tho, you claim yourself has no idea what yourself is talking about.

I acknowledge your capabilities, you can show the same respect.

he indeed has (more) than 10KD on that thang lol

@Panther2995 he’s got very average stats on lower ranks too. Thang is, he’s a ground RB main and you know how dead stupid is to get kills there, especially since people literally bring props to 9.7+BR. So there people not only spot you, but is also blind to your noise since they’re flying near the ground hearing nothing but their echo and have no clue about dogfighting. My last “good” Ground RB match was getting my 4th kill on BT-5 after 200 deaths, hopping on the BB1 and kill 12 enemy aircraft and still losing the match on tickets. BB1 is broken, but i was dealing with 109 F2’s and E3’s because i was stupid enough to get the 3.3 i16 on the line.

I wanted to reply to your comment with a solo comment.
I love this.
For me, it’s Sea Vixen.
Congrats on your performance, you’re a better Draken player than I’ll ever be or wish to be.

Yeah, kills per battle as long as it’s one or higher means I’m pulling my weight.
Above 1 means I’m always pulling above my weight for the TEAM.

You’re not a main character. Getting 1.3 kill battle is not carrying your team. I am 1.3 kb this last month because i played the tu.2 as fighter and as per rule i either die to a do335 cyberclimbing on me while im at 6k, or get 5 kills and snap my wings every 5 matches I die with three kill asssists.

F-5E one tapped every Su-25 I came across BTW.

Su25 has now less damage tolerance than the Drakens and J8’s. They are bad enough to die to aim9d’s with their pitiful tnt load while Drakens tank a 30mm potshot and a sparrow before inexorably going down in a ball of flames to then be taken away with some other missile.

Good thing the topic isn’t 1v1 custom battles.

Hence the point i said that having the power to disengage or not engage is a very valuable power. Besides the fact that you’re the one who brought the “mirage can outdogfight” snarl talk here.

SMT produces 1000kgf less thrust at dogfight speeds to Bis, and MF produces 700kgf less than SMT at dogfight speeds.

Both aircraft rate at 550 ias stuck. High speed wise the BIS has more thrust and will hold it’s speed very well.

And if you bring full fuel on all of them, MF & SMT are even closer.
strong text here we see Master Doof telling the MF user to sacrifice less fuel for more performance because MF is nothing compared to SMT when both are 45 min fuel

I acknowledge your capabilities, you can show the same respect.

Not me who should take part in ye both’s conversation, but you disrespected us when you said that MiG21 SMT is “not good enough just good for 10.3”

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the Sea Vixen is the best 8.7. Flies almost like a Hunter FG9 and has four mach 4 16G short range missiles that up close are impossible to dodge especially side aspect; they lose SO MUCH ENERGY that it’s impossible to make them overshoot on their speed and their proxying fuse and warhead have such an enormous radius it will give a quick trip back to the hangar to anything that can’t surpass mach 0.90 mach.

One again, this is one of my takes.
As I said previously, all I care about is having a positive impact for my team.

I was more addressing furball capabilities for ~2 - 5 seconds of fight before needing to disengage.
Apologies if my use of dogfight caused confusion prior, and I hope this clarification helps.

Rating gets you killed in random battles.

As for my statement on SMT being good, it’s clear I must clarify this for you as it has caused misunderstanding.
When I say something is good or further praise, it is because I think it is well above average in WT.
If something is average, I’ll use that word, or I’ll use mediocre.

If I say something is good, that also means I open the possibility for it being increased in BR.

I’m not opposed to it going to 10.7, never was.
I came here to supply & receive perspective, that is all.
I want you to have more information so you feel more secure in your conclusion.