Move MiG21 SMT to 10.7

your takes aren’t subject to being a truth, nor create it.

Never implied that.
All I can say is I am sincere in my perspectives.

But also degrade it’s energy, and far more than MiG’s,…

I have edited that post now to clarify what I meant.
Should’ve done it earlier, but was busy.

To address your comment, F-5C obviously degrades energy the least in high AOA turns.
SMT degrades the fasted, in-part due to its larger lift area, weight, and instantaneous AOA capabilities.
However, Mirage 3E can degrade faster than the SMT if it drops its speed enough to pull AOA.

You want jets with no CMs to go to a BR where it’s possible to see the undertiered F-14?

Can we get the F-104A/C moved up finally?

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I didn’t says these 10.3BR jets should move up to higher BR. IMO, highest BR for flareless jets should be 10.3

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since when is having 32 dual flare x chaff pops plus future radar jammer “having no CM’s”? We’re talking about the MiG21 SMT.