Move MiG21 SMT to 10.7

Move MiG21 SMT to 10.7. It’s too good for 10.3, it’s far better than the Mig21 MF. The MiG21 SMT will ruin your day. Besides the fact it can just shrug off 20mm’s like a champ. I don’t see any logical reason for it being at 10.3, it’s very similar to the Mig21 bis and the GSh23L is the best cannon under 30mm after the harrier’s aden25.


The MiG-21SMT and MiG-21MF are very comparable aircraft, there is no reason it should be higher than the MiG-21MF.

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MiG-21MF can move up to 10.7BR as well

SMT does have better engine, in fact its using the same engine you can find on Mig21Bis, while its not as agile as compare to Mig21MF it should not stay at 10.3.

Best solution is the move both SMT and MF to 10.7


In that case you could just raise the F-5C as well, you pretty much only want to make it pure striker br, what fighters are left if you move those, they arent to good for 10.3, the problem is that so many strikers share the br bracket and you all are complaining that you cant farm in peace in your Su 25 and A-10S, or which aircraft do you have problems against the MiG21 SMT and dont name any strikers they are supposed for A2G combat not A2A

  • F-8E(probably possible to move up to 10.7BR when it gets AIM-9G/AIM-9Hs)
  • F-4F Early
  • F-104J
  • Mitsubishi F-1
  • Mirage IIIC
  • Mirage IIIE
  • J35D

Do you want to continue? Also, 10.7BR F-5C would be pointless because F-5A(ROCAF) and F-5E that has AIM-9Js already sitting on there.


yeah and those all are capable enough to fight Mig 21s, ignoring those wihout countermeasures but those woulkd have the problem either way

Mirage 3E yes, but 3C with only 2 Magic-I and 1 R.530, while having no flare it can keep 10.3 BR

Mitsubishi F-1 10.7 if it gets 4x AIM-9L, without those there is no way to have it 10.7 Right now

I don’t know mich about J-35D.

And F-104J is arguable

he is talking about aircraft that have “problems” against mig 21s

I’m not against a BR decompression for lower BR aircraft of 9.7/9.3 currently unable to be played.

first of all the all aspect missle slingers need to get raised then, i expect most of those guys complaining are grinders that get killed by fighters and want to dominate with their A10s and Su 25

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There are literally only F-8E and Mirage IIIE on this list that has CM.

The MiG-21MF/SMT is the most undertiered aircraft in the current 11.0-10.0 BR range, not quite on par with the F-8E but capable of some dogfighting and has a pretty decent top speed. The 4x R-60 is also a complete “I win” button for some 10.7BR aircraft and 9.3-10.3BR aircraft without CMs.

I already have both MiG-21s and has aced crew for MiG-21MF but, don’t see any problems for having same BR with F-5E and Kfir Canard, J35XS etc.


well all aspects missles are even bigger i win buttons in that case and need to be moved first

Probably aircraft like the A-10 and Su-25 is based on GRB statistics rather than ARB.
IIRC, Gaijin were referring to tanks sitting on the same BR as the Su-25, such as the T-72AV, when the Su-25 BR was changed from 9.7BR to 10.0BR.

In any case, the A-10/Su-25 BR needs to move up to higher BR, but the MiG-21MF/SMT BR should also be able to be changed even in the current meta.

they are based on both, you cant tell me the Tornado Marineflieger was moved up because of its ground performance, the reason was it stole all bases from su 25s and a10s

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the F-5C is slower, has worse missiles, worse guns (faster, roughly same fire rate but very low damage) and is completely powerless compared to the MiG21SMT. MiG21 SMT can handle entire lobbies by just running and puncing on people, while F5C needs to bait people into dogfights. F5E would be more keen for 10.7 despite being also slow and powerless compared to the MiG21 SMT. F.5C is absolutely busted and F-5E feels like an actual plane with it’s caveats. MiG21 SMT is also busted and will stick to 550 ias if it starts rate fighting, which goes on par with the F-4E with slats out.

these all aspect missiles at such BR’s are easily dodged with just speed since their platforms are not fast at all. And MiG21 SMT is good enough at that. The only thing keeping the SMT out from being 11.0 are two less pylons than Bis and no r60m’s.

except that the MiG21 SMT can finely decide not to take those fights. I’ve been many times in situations where the MiG21 SMT/MF/Bis with 7 kills got pitted against me as the last man standing, and it taken’s me like half a match of time to finally drain the mig’s patience and kill it after trapping him into a ratefight. There’s no way an F-5C F8U or F-5E can win a MiG21 if there is no merge and commit. If the MiG starts on ye ahh thessa no way ya gun shake it off, f8 and f5 can rate good but they can’t pull out either, they’re not MiG19’s, they’re not lightweight and agile little dragonflies that pull 15g’s instantly and keep the loop at 13G’s constant. Last match on MiG19S I had a bad time while going back to airfield to rearm with four MiG21S running towards me, they were on mah ahh and i just rate fought til all of them literally crashed after the 5th turn, and i think one of them actually just gave up. If I wassa F5 or crusader I’d be been GSh23L’d dead with four hits.

I’m sorry but as much as i hate facing a MiG-21SMT or MF, if you’re going to move it up at least do the same for the F-5C, that thing has a ludicrous flight model for where its at.

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Current F-5C is really fine at its BR because F-5A(ROCAF) and F-5E is sitting at 10.7BR rn.

Probably if both F-5s got an AIM-9P-4 or AIM-9L they would be able to push it up to 11.0BR again, but either way it would be almost impossible for F-5C to move to 10.7BR atm.