Move MiG21 SMT to 10.7

learn to simply not engage my fren. If the MiG19 can disengage from f-5s any time while being so much slower, the mig21 with better kinetic climb AND FLARES can disengage as well, if not better.

I’m not on about flying a MiG-21 here, i’m on about generally.

My point on the original post is personally i think the MiG-21s are fine at 10.3.
Probably wasnt clear but still.

Mig21’s are not fine at 10.3 especially SMT.

That thing can go toe to with Kfir Canard which is a 10.7 plane while having less a2a armament.

İf Kfir is fine at 10.7 im pretty sure both MF and SMT will be fine at the same br.

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the MiG21 SMT is very undertiered. I invite you to fly the F8E and see how much you will struggle when you can only nose around the pitch axis because the yaw axis is gimped, and the wobble, and the lack of roll when the flaperons are deployed, and the fact that their four nose cannons ain’t enough to take down anything in a quick pass. You will miss the infinite nose authority of the MiGs and the rewarding GSh23L click kills. Not only that but the heat signature of delta wing migs is so small that almost equals the F-5C. F8’s can be locked from longer distance and side aspect too.

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BTW, If an F-8E gets an AIM-9G/AIM-9H, is it possible to move it to BR 10.7?
I mean current F-8E works well as counterpart of MiG-21SMT/MF rn because of its dogfighting performance so, I would like to see it have same BR with MiGs.

the F8E works as counterpart to the SMT because it’s got cracked missiles that will kill a MiG23 MLD head on lock from 1.3km away. It’s dogfight workflow is very simple: Go horizontal and hold S. It doesn’t let you be more aggressive because it’s roll is awful while trying to rudder over. 1V1ing another Crusader E is an absolute pain in the rears. The F8U however isn’t aoa limited and can pull tighter at the expenses of losing the wings if you go too fast.

As a Mig 21 SMT player, “learn to not engage” doesn’t work when legit 80% of the enemy team is flooded with F5-C. The F5 energy retention is just insane and its very fast. Also, dont forget it has magical flares that were never mounted on it anyway. I understand it’s impossible for it to go up because of the F5E, but the mig 21 SMT can absolutely stay at 10.3. It’s strong, but just like the F5C. In war thunder Furball meta, going very fast and having 4 instant flared missile is not really insane. So :

Either find a way to put those 2 at 10.7 (F5E get 9l and goes at 11.0,) or just accept that both planes stay at 10.3.

my man, the MiG21 SMT is 100kmh faster than it at any altitude. The flares thing I agree, but it’s for balancing purposes since the FM is too strong for 9.0-10.0. F-5E at 11.0 is just insanity, it doesn’t have any chance against a MiG19 how the hell will it have a chance against a MiG29?

·You also note that “furball meta”, but you wholely ignore the fact that 90 percent of F5C players are lobotomized and that nearly nobody flares in a furball because they’re not paying attention to the surroundings.

Having a MiG21 Bis lite with four R60’s at 10.3 is just insanity. Mig21 SMT has better engine power, better low speed retention, better top speed, better climb rate, better missiles, better cannons, better countermeasures and better nose authority than the F-5C, F5E and the F8E together. You’re a lunatic.

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Oh, I had this post in draft since the 16th.

The Mig-21SMT cannot shrug off 20mm rounds.
As for 10.7, let’s see if I can think of aircraft superior to it…
F-5E, F-4F, F-104G… not a lot of 10.7 aircraft.
The GSh23L is not the best cannon under 30mm.
Colt 20mm, Vulcan, NS23s, China’s 23’s… just to name the ones off the top of my head.

Mig-21SMT isn’t even the best 10.3, it’s just good.

my man has less than 1 kill battle ratio but 4k/d on SMT. Poor guy wants his SMT to be downtiered enough to make him get 4 kills per game. Sure, the SMT is not a good 10.3, and cows can fly without help.

Wrong,… the AIM-9D aren’t cracked…
Only 1 variant has AIM-9C which are SARH missiles, and 1 chaffs is enough to break lock (you just don’t want to be in the middle of a chaff and missile ^^")

The MiG-23 is Far more capable overall, aswell as MiG-21 SMT/MF

MiG21 SMT DO CAN shrug 20mm M39 and Colt enough to get a fire, put it out and keep ballin. You need a long burst to take it down. Vulcan on the other hand will pulverize it into pieces.

F-5E is not superior to the MiG21 SMT. It’s slower, has worse and less missiles, a dysfunctional radar, less flares and a very toned down damage model. F104G is strong, but not better than the SMT.

GSh23L is the second best gun below 30, as I stated, being ADEN25 on GR7 the best gun below 30 and probably the best gun in game currently too.

Tell me then which one is the best 10.3. F8E snaps, has caged missiles, very bad guns that need a second of trigger to kill a stalled out target with the four cannons connecting, has a very hot engine, is slower than F-5E at most altitudes. Mirage 3E: Gets stomped by the SMT any day of the week, has just two magics and a doodoofardig radar missile, it looks better and that’s the only good point about it i guess. F-5C: Busted airframe, lackluster engine power. F-5E: Overrated piece of krap that fed on planes twice as fast as it getting slow for no reason, still somehow managed to get 4 kill death on it for the same old reason, F1 is a worse jaguar with four missiles that are worse than r60 and has no flares, AJ37 is busted but lacks armament, J35D is a miniature F16 but has no flares. IDK, that’s all the 10.3s for you, how could some of these be better than the SMT? Even the MF is worse.

Your comment makes no sense. You want the SMT downtiered now?

As for your 2nd post…
All dogfights happen below mach 1.
F-5E is a superior energy fighter to the SMT, there’s a reason it’s strong.
GSh23L is among the worst guns on an aircraft, only really beaten by the 30mm 108s on 262s for what’s worse.

As for best 10.3, I go with Mirage 3E.
You’re a faster F-5C with the 3 best IR missiles at the BR.
Rather than the highest flare sensitive missiles & an airframe that bleeds speed in the tiniest of turns.
SMT is a jack of all trades.
Mirage 3E is an expert missile bus.
F-5C is an expert gun fighter, which also out-energies the Mig-21SMT, just not as well as the far superior F-5E.

Oh, I forgot Kfir Canard. All 10.7s are superior to the SMT.

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man cant understand sarcasm.

F-5E is a superior energy fighter to the SMT, there’s a reason it’s strong.

you have all the resources not to engage and third party it any time, you’re about 110kmh faster than it at sea level and 300kmh faster than it at 6km of altitude. That’s one hella large speed gap. The reason why it’s strong is because most of you just do a 180 degree turn after failing to r3r your first adversary at 11k. The SMT can dictate the fight anytime since it’s got better nose authority, engine power and speed and can run away any time if a two circle engagement happens, or just bait the f5 into a 900kmh ias reversal to then proceed to sit on your engine at 500 ias nosing on it. This is not like MiG29 Vs F16 where both have the same climb rate but F16 is slower, this is about MiG21 climbing like an F-104 and F-5E climbing worse than the rest of 10.3s despite it’s 10.7. The F-5E is a strong support fighter thanks to it’s ER, but any clever user will avoid a rate fight at all costs.

GSh23L is among the worst guns on an aircraft, only really beaten by the 30mm 108s on 262s for what’s worse.

I dare you to try one hit killing anything with M39’s or COlt Mk11. A single GSh23L shell has around 20 grams of TNT while M39 and Mk11/12 barely have 9. This is why GSh23L has always been stronger during realshatter along Mk108.

As for best 10.3, I go with Mirage 3E.

Once it’s run out of missiles it’s completely helpless, the F-5C can one circle it and the F-4E stomps on it if using engine power and spiral fiddling. MiG21 Bis out rates it.

F-5C is an expert gun fighter, which also out-energies the Mig-21SMT, just not as well as the far superior F-5E.

The F-5C doesn’t out energy the MiG21, it out rates it but it can’t out climb or out pace it, which ARE ways to out energy someone. Unless the MiG21 SMT commits to a mach 0.9 merge towards a rate fight, the F-5C will have no way to make the mig21 bleed enough energy.

Oh, I forgot Kfir Canard. All 10.7s are superior to the SMT.

SMT can out rate the Kfir C2 as well, C2 will sit at 340 IAS turning pretty wide for what it is on 16 degrees per second of turn rate while SMT will reach 500 ias and not move down from that, turning quite tightly at 20 Degrees per second at 500 ias, both on 20 minutes of fuel. Kanard has two aim9g’s and worse engine than C2, SMT has four r60s and the engine of the MiG21 Bis.

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Kfir Canard has same engine with C.2 iirc

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The SMT can dictate the fight, if it never turns.
An F-104G can turn and still have more speed outside of the turn than an SMT.
F-5E out-accelerates SMTs by a wide margin after a turn.
F-5E dictates fights far more than SMTs. Max speed doesn’t matter if you lost it all in the dogfight.

Mirage 3E can out-furball F-5C & SMT.
Now you’re mentioning 11.0s.
SMT does not have Bis’s engine.

SMT / MF are fine at 10.3.

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OMFG didn’t even know my German and Italian pencil can turn.

I usually play them like Hunter F.1 or somethings so, need to switch its playstyle like F2 Sabre or MiG17


are you answering to the razer von guy? i felt personally attacked with the “95 percent of the community knows you’re clueless” 😳

smt doesn’t have bis engine


almost the same thrust values (stock at least). So 50/50 nuh uh.